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What Is the True Definition of Love?

Getting older brings with itself a whole new range of complexities- as you grow older, you begin to understand your body more and more. You begin to realize what are the things which are god for you, and what all you should stay away from. In the midst of realizing all this about yourself and the world around you, you may find a special person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But how do you know, whether this is true love or just an infatuation?

What is the Definition of True Love?

The true definition of love is not easy to understand. It is said that true love happens just once in your life. But what if you don’t realize it, and just let the love go past you? How will you know what is true love, and whether it has ever happened to you?

The true definition of love varies from person to person. Even couples will have answers that differ from each other. It turns out that the true definition of love is different for everyone. However, there are a few pointers that can make you realize whether you are experiencing true love, or maybe you should search somewhere else.

True Definition of Love
All the Songs Start Making Sense

Nothing can get more cliché than this point. All the songs that talk about love and lovers and the anguish of separation can now apply to you too. All the melancholic songs that you once scoffed at becoming a part of your guilty pleasures playlist. And surely, they are the only person you think of when you play “Pocketful of Sunshine” on repeat.

You Cannot Imagine a Future without Them

Many people call themselves commitment-phobic because they just cannot envision a future where they have to settle down with another person. This is obviously true for some people, but for a number of others, this problem occurs because they have not found the right person yet. Once you have started liking, and have even started looking forward to the idea of spending your life with one person, you may have found true love.

The True Definition of Love
Staying on When the Going Gets Tough

The true definition of love includes staying on with your significant other when things are getting difficult; when you find that the honeymoon period is getting over. Usually, that is the phase where most breakups happen. However, love is not something that just disappears with time. Somewhere, in your subconscious, there is still something that connects you to them. Love is something that the two of you have to work on, and not just let it wither away. You and your partner find it in each other, with a lot of work and perseverance. Once you stick it out through the waning of the honeymoon period with trust, mutual harmony, intimacy, and friendship, there is nothing that the two of you will be able to conquer, together.

The true definition of love varies according to the context of relationships and what loves means to you and your partner. There is no right meaning of love- it all depends on what you and your partner think is right. As long as the two of you find peace, comfort, and solace in one another, and you have a mutual respect of trust and understanding, you will be in love, and you will bring joy to one another. However, do not expect your life to be a romantic movie. True love requires a lot of work, patience, and courage. Be sure to always be there for your partner.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 26, 2020
Sensitive Information!