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Find Out How to Reveal Spam Calls and Block Spam Calls

Spam calls have become a modern-day nuisance, and each day, people all across the country get these pesky calls. Aside from the noise nuisance of getting several spam calls daily, these phone calls can actually be dangerous. While regular spam calls are intended to sell various products and services, there are also spam call frauds that are a part of frauds. So, to get rid of the regular spam call nuisance, and avoid phone frauds, here is what you need to know about checking spam calls and blocking them.

How to Check Spam Calls?

Each day, millions of people get spam calls that try to get them to purchase certain items and services. To find out who is calling you, you can perform an online reverse phone number search. To perform the search with public records directories, like GoLookUp, all that you have to do is enter a phone number into the search engine.

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Once you do so, GoLookUp will scan public records to find out the origin of the caller. At the end of the search, you will get a report about the caller that will let you know if it a spam phone number. Thanks to the spam call finder on GoLookUp, you will be able to reveal which phone number are spam calls, and block them.

Thanks to the spam call finder, you will also be able to discover which phone numbers are scam phone numbers. How? When GoLookUp scans phone numbers, it tracks down public records data, including the following:

  • The full name of the caller
  • The aliases of the caller
  • The caller's criminal records
  • The caller's additional contact information

The data you get from GoLookUp will let you know if the person/company that is calling you have a criminal record, and if they are who they say they are. The public records report is a reliable source of information because the data on it derives from official authorities, so you will be able to pick up on lies and block spam calls and scam calls.

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How to Block Spam Calls?

After you discover which phone numbers are spam calls and scam calls, you will be able to block them. There are several ways to block and report spam calls, so you can avoid these calls and not get conned. The first way to block spam calls is to use a spam call blocker app, like RoboKiller, Nomorobo, Truecaller, and Hiya Caller ID and Block.

After you install a spam call blocker, it will automatically block phone numbers that have been reported as spam call numbers. Also, you will be able to report spam phone numbers by yourself to help other people block these pesky calls.

Another way to block spam calls and report spam calls is to register your phone number with the FTC's Do Not Call Registry. Nowadays, you can register your landline phone numbers and cell phone numbers with the FTC so that your phone numbers will no longer be registered in different databases.

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To do so, enter the FTC website and enter the phone numbers that you want to conceal. Afterward, verify your registration by clicking on the 'Register Here' tab. Type in your phone number, email address, and click on the 'Submit' tab.

To verify the registration, click on the 'Verify' tab at the next screen. To make sure that you have been registered into the FTC site, you will receive a verifying email that will let you know about the registration progress. To complete the process, click on the link that you will get to your mail. If your registration has failed, re-enter the FTC Do Not Call website, and start the registration again.

How to Report Spam Calls?

With the help of spam call blocker apps and the FTC's site, you will be able to report spam phone calls and scam phone calls. Aside from reporting these types of calls, it is also important to take precaution when it comes to unknown phone numbers. First of all, never give out financial information over the phone. These days, phone scammers try to fish out bank and credit information to steal people's money and identity. So, if someone calls you and tells you that you need to provide your financial data, do not do it.

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Other common phone scams are IRS and insurance scams; with these types of scams, the callers try to frighten the people they call by telling them they owe money to the IRS or that there is a problem with their insurance.

It is important to know that the IRS sends official mail via the postal office, so it is unlikely that they will call you. When it comes to insurance scams, do not give out your policy information over the phone. If someone calls you claiming to be an insurance representative, ask for verification. Also, it is preferable for you to call your insurance company to find out if there is indeed a problem with your insurance.

Spam phone calls are annoying, unnecessary, and sometimes dangerous. To avoid spam calls, you can register your phone number to be unlisted, or download a spam call blocker on your phone. You can also perform a reverse phone number search to find out who is calling you, and to block phone numbers that you do not want calling you again.

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