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Hone records are the summation of all calls made and received from a phone. You may need your call records for several purposes, and it is easy enough to obtain this information for your phone. It gets automatically stored in your Call Log. In case, you have deleted this log; you can always run a cell phone record search.

To do this, you will need to know how to search phone records. Our article will inform you how you can perform a phone record search to obtain your and other people’s phone records. The process gets a little more complicated when you have to perform a phone number record search for a friend or family member’s phone.

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Obtaining Phone Records

Simply reach out to your cellular service provider and they should be able to supply you with your cell phone record. It might be a task to obtain phone records for a phone that does not legally belong to you, but there are ways for you to achieve this too.

If you want to find out the source of a number that has been constantly calling you, and one that you are not familiar with, ask your service provider to run a reverse phone number search. A reverse phone lookup will give you all the necessary contact details of the person/party that has been trying to get in touch with you, over the phone incessantly. You can use this information to verify whether you want to contact them back or not. 
You can also set up a trap with your service provider’s help by informing them of the number you haven’t been able to run through caller ID. They will unblock your caller ID for you and identify whosoever has been calling you.

Nowadays, you can also perform a phone number record search online. All you’ll have to do is log into your cellphone service’s account and then either look at the bill or the call history.

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How to legally obtain the cellphone records of a spouse

If you are caught amid a divorce case and want to prove that your wife/husband has been cheating on you, you’d most likely want to submit their phone record as evidence. They won’t be willing to part with this information, but you may still be able to access it. You will have to have them subpoenaed.

Filing a subpoena allows a person to legally access their estranged spouse's cell phone records so that it can be used in court by their defense lawyer. A judge usually clears a subpoena request. 

If you don’t want to go through a subpoena, you may hire the services of a data broker who will obtain the necessary phone records in exchange for a fee. However, one must note, that the channels used by these data brokers can be quite illicit and perhaps not the best evidence to present in court.

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Always Stay Informed

It’s only natural that you’d like to know who has access to your cellphone number and keeps calling you. Our cellphone numbers make up our private contact information unless we choose to share it on a public forum. As such it is perfectly okay if a person is disturbed by an unknown number calling them.

Knowing how to search phone records is a handy skill to have in such situations. The Internet offers you the functionality of running a reverse phone lookup, so you can identify the identity of the person or entity that has been trying to contact you.

If you don’t get the desired results from your phone number record search online, you can always seek your service provider’s help.  So go ahead and keep yourself informed!

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Public phone records

By performing a reverse phone search, you will be able to find a lot of information about the caller, aside from their name. Like an ID number, phone numbers are connected to our personal information, meaning you can discover many details about the phone numbers you are searching. Among phone records, you will find criminal records, additional contact information, sex offenses, whether the phone belongs to a spam/scam caller, birth records of the caller, marriage records, and much more.

A reverse phone lookup can be very helpful in many cases, like when you need to find information about someone you are dating, someone you met online, a new neighbor, etc. How is all this information available? The data connected to phone numbers is available thanks to the federal and state Freedom of Information Act in the United States; according to the act, certain personal records are available to the general public so they will be able to be well-informed and keep themselves safe.

You can perform a public phone records search on your own, but the process requires you to contact each authority that maintains public records, pay for each search, and wait several days to several weeks to get copies of the records you requested. To make matters easier, there are now professional background check websites that provide users with online access to public records.

By typing in a particular phone number that you want to find information on, you will get access to public records about the said phone number. Thanks to this service, you will be able to find accurate data about people without having to contact authorities in the matter.

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