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What is a Mobile Tracker?

Most people can think of a large number of situations where they would want to be able to know where someone is located. While just 30 years ago barely anyone had cell phones and were unreachable if they were out of the house, nowadays almost everyone is connected to the internet with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This technology allows people to track the location of mobile devices using apps and websites. Read further for a list of the best apps and websites to track phones. 

It is important to note, however, that it is legal to track anything you own and it is legal to track your kids if they are under the age of 18. However, it is illegal to track other people’s property, as well as other people without their consent.

Mobile Tracker

What is a Mobile Tracker?

A mobile tracker is a platform that has the ability to track and locate a mobile device. This works in two ways either by using a GPS or track a phone using the GSM network. 

GPS Tracking

The first method of tracking is the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS tracking systems use the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) network. A GPS tracking device will use a processor to detect its own location using GNSS and provide that information to whoever has access. GPS trackers are found in new model cars to prevent theft and are also purchasable in various forms. You can buy small GPS trackers to track keys so you won’t lose them or put them in a bag to make sure you never lose it. Cell phones now come with GPS built-in that makes them trackable as well as allows them to use GPS navigation.  

GSM Tracking

The method of tracking that uses a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network is an accurate way of tracking a phone. This method is what is used by law enforcement and is commonly seen in TV shows and movies. It allows you to track any phone with a sim card, even if it is not a smartphone.

All devices connected to a GSM network emit a signal, this signal is picked up by nearby transmission towers. In this way, the phone can be connected to another one when a call is made or received. This makes it possible to track a cell phone tracking possible at any time without the owner needing to make or receive a call in order for the handset to be located.

While the police have their own systems to use this network, private individuals will need to use a service that tracks the number, and the owner of the phone number will need to grant access to the service to track it. This method does not involve downloading any software or hardware. 

What is a Mobile Tracker

 How to Track Phones Using Websites and Apps

Many phones tracking applications and websites are available on the market, this makes the market competitive and affordable, but makes people indecisive about which service to use and how to use it. 

Find My Device Feature for Android and iOS

The ‘Find my Device’ feature is something that is easily done on all mobile phones and can be used to track a phone if you have the username and password of the account associated with the phone. This method for an iPhone does not need any pre-downloaded application on the phone. 

For an iPhone, you will need to login to the iCloud account associated with the phone you need to track and select Find My iPhone. The screen will then show you on a map where the phone is located or was last located. 

On an android device, most phones will prompt you to download the Google "Find My Device" app. If the owner of the phone has done so, you will need to simply log in to the account online and you will be able to find the phone's location. 

Websites and Apps to Track Phones

Aside from the find my phone features, there are many downloadable applications for both Android and iOS phones in order to track its location. The apps that advertise themselves as free services are often scams, and one should be wary before downloading them as to not download apps that contain malware and/or viruses. Some of the best apps to track phones are: 

Find My is the free app for iOS phones which allows users to track their family and friend's location. You will need to add your whoever’s phone you wish to track to your friend list and then you will be able to see their location.

Flexispy is available for both iOS and android and provides a very accurate location tracker to your account. Plans start at 30 dollars a month but include a large number of other features aside from phone tracking as well. 

 How to track a phone

Spyera is a spy application that lets you track both iOS and Android devices as well as monitor phone activity remotely. It works by purchasing a license and then installing the app on the phone you wish to track. You will then be able to track the phone through the website. Spyera starts off at a cost of 189 dollars for 3 months, but is very highly rated and has special features such as call interception, access to all messaging apps and more. 

FamiSafe is an app that is available for both iOS and Android and is marketed as a way to track your children, however, it will work on your husband's phone just the same. With FamiSafe you will be able to see the realtime location of the phone as well as places previously visited. Famisafe starts at 10 dollars a month. 

Hoverwatch another spy software that allows you to track the location of a mobile telephone. The software also lets users record calls, and get access to text messages and social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. The app is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS with plans starting at $24.95 a month. 

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