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How are Phone Records Accumulated and Where are they stored?

A phone call is usually recorded by default in the service provider’s database for security purposes. However, this is proved to be good in more ways when the user wants to know the details of his bill. Nowadays, smartphones have the capacity and compatibility to record calls and logs on the user’s phone for further use.

There are also other services online to request your phone records, which after paying a small amount of fee, will be sent to you. Some online services also offer text messages along with phone records. This is, however, not possible, because they only keep track of which number the messages has been sent and not exactly the message sent.

He or she can acquire the phone records of a user's phone by requesting their respective service providers. They will be asked the time frame (i.e.,) the time from and till when they need the records. The records will be sent through mail after a few days. It doesn't cost anything.

Phone Records

The service providers keep a list of incoming and outgoing calls of the user as a history or as logs. It is easy to get one’s own phone records but is completely opposite when it is another’s phone records.

Where is it stored?

The calls are usually stored in the user’s device storage. A backup can also be performed locally from the user’s device to keep it for later use. The backup can be done to the Google drive to keep it for a longer term. This is accessible to the user alone, even if it is in the cloud.

Accessing one’s own phone records

One can check their own records if in case they get a monthly bill for their phone calls and text messages. The records are stored in a way that they have certain details such as date, time of call received or call placed, how long the call lasted and sometimes even has a piece of extra information if the call was recorded locally.

How are Phone Records Collected

If the user has an online account with the service provider, then he or she does not have the need to wait and get a printed statement. They can access the service provider’s online website and apply for it and get it done immediately. The call details may be saved in the name of 'usage' or 'call details'.

If in case the records are lost or cannot be found online, then the user has to contact the service provider and has no other option. The service provider is supposed to keep the records of the user according to the law and must be able to provide the user with their respective information after they have proved to be the main account holder. The service provider may charge the user for giving these details since it is to be sent again.

In some cases of spam calls, the number is received as 'unknown'. To clear this, the user can contact the service provider and ask them to set up a 'trap.' This unblocks the caller ID of that call and lets the number be known to identify the intruder.

What are Phone Records

Is it legal or illegal to search for phone records?

This is illegal in many countries since there is a federal law against obtaining phone records of someone else without their consent. If the company finds out that the person has lied, in order to get the records, they can sue him or her in court and get a punishment of sentence of prison or a huge amount of fine. This comes under the Department of Justice of the United States.

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