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Rhode Island Child Custody Laws

by Charry A.

Rhode Island Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws Rhode Island

Rhode Island Child Custody Laws

In the state of Rhode Island, child custody laws are determined according to what will be in the best interests of the child. The parents do not have much of a say in whether they want joint or sole custody of their child. The court will award the sentence after listening to the case and determining what will be the best way for the child to grow up in an environment free of toxicity and manipulation. The factors that the court will consider in a child custody case include the following:

  • Both the wishes of the child in this scenario, as well as the wishes of the parents.
  • The child custody laws in Rhode Island give maximum weight age to the wishes of the child if the court determines the child has enough intelligence and understanding in order to comprehend the situation.
  • The relationship that the child has with all the members of their family, including with their parents and with their siblings, if they have any. The child custody laws also give the courts permission to understand whether any of the relationships hamper the child’s ability to think in their best interest.
  • Personal factors, such as the ability of the child to make a place for themselves in either home, the moral compass of the parents, and whether or not the child will be able to adjust in the environment and the school that will be chosen for them play a huge factor in the moral fiber of the child custody law of Rhode Island.
  • If one parent is chosen over another to have sole custody of the child, then their ability to maintain a healthy relationship with their offspring along with their ability to handle an impersonal relationship with the other parent will also be judged.
  • In addition to this, social workers, psychologists, therapists, and the additional guardians of the child will also have to be called to court, as they will have a major role to play in the situation.

Child Custody Laws in Rhode Island

Rhode Island child custody laws allow the court of law to give custody to either parent or both. The child custody law does not allow the parents to be responsible for who chooses to get the child, as the choice of the child will trump all else.

The different facets of the child custody laws are:

Sole Custody

This means that only one parent will be allowed to take all the important decisions with regards to the future of the child, their education, religious affiliation, and their medicinal support. The other parent will not be allowed to have any control at all, even if they may be allowed visitation. The parent with sole custody will be the only one having complete control to all the legal and the social records of the child.

Joint Custody

Theoretically, in joint custody, both the parents have equal rights with regards to the education of the child, their religious affiliation, medical support, etc. Both the parents will have equal importance in deciding on important resolutions of the child. This arrangement can be decided mutually by the parents or will have the court decide if intervention is required. However, for this to work properly, both parents need to have equal respect and support for each other.

Physical Placement

Physical placement is a scenario where the child has equal living arrangements with both the parents, equally. This living arrangement can be subdivided into per day, per week, or per month basis. The arrangement is always decided by the parents, with little or no interference by the court.


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