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Sagittarius: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Rhon A.

Sagittarius Star Sign Fashion, Sagittarius Style

Star Sign Fashion: Sagittarius

A Sagittarian comes onto us as fiercely as possible represented by an archer who is constantly on the lookout for crazy adventures! It’s no surprise that this sign is ruled over by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, the planet which promises growth, opportunity, and abundance. People belonging to this sign are always outgoing, friendly, lively and extremely humorous making friends and adorers with their quick-witted jokes and sometimes, philosophical advice too!

These are the ones that make the place livelier but one should also be extremely careful around a Sagittarian as they are brutally honest in their opinion-sometimes their sharp words might prick your heart just like the arrows from a bow. While their traits make everyone love a Sagittarian, when looking at them from a deeper perspective these people connect well with Aries and Leo truly making them the Fire Sign Trio (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) indeed!

Sagittarius Star Sign Fashion
Maybe it now makes sense why a Sagittarius seeks indefinite adventure, travel, and challenges-they are just like the wildfire. Individuals belonging to this sign are fountains of optimism and good vibes which is primarily due to the element of the fire playing a potent role in their lives.

Dressing to Address Other Zodiac Signs with Zest: Sagittarian Clothing Style

Every person follows a unique fashion style with some of them making interesting fashion statements with their quirky dressing sense and personality. A hundred things around you could be a source of inspiration but what if your Zodiac sign reigned topmost influence? Just like their outward and bold personality a Sagittarian’s dressing sense is bold and beautiful. With such characteristics, purple, the color of the royals, is a Sagittarian’s favorite color- a Sagittarian style statement for his/her cheerful nature.

Sagittarian Woman Fashion Style

A Sagittarian woman likes to stand apart from the rest of the crowd with one bewildering piece of accessory that attracts all. Show your best to the world choosing colors such as purple, fiery red and orange or even by choosing a sequin-studded dress. Just like your character, pair style with comfort. Go for a comfy pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a spiritual piece of jewelry such as a rudraksha chain which you love being a spiritual seeker too. Stay in your comfort zone and explore various options that make you feel confident.

Sagittarius Style
Choose fashionable coolers and rounded hats during summer while dressing up in layers of winter wear during the chilly weather with colorful scarfs around your neck to portray your peppy personality. Carry a trendy handbag or a jazzy clutch to bring completeness to your dressing.

Sagittarian Man Style

It’s better to dress according to your nature and likes-being a Sagittarius man, adventure and challenges definitely attract you and you dare don’t get ready for adventure trips in your stylish suit or your costly wristwatch. Keep the look subtle and nice with a classic pair of jeans (not skin-fit ones as these don’t help you go out on a rock-climbing trip!) and a simple T-shirt.

A Sag loves cartoons and animations and often you can find such imprints on their T-shirts which display their sense of humor and approachability. But they never compromise on quality and would go for some piece of accessory or clothing despite its expensive pricing if they like it. Their approach to dressing is simple and comfortable yet classy!

Hence, if you are a hardcore Sagittarian does fill your wardrobe with a variety of comfortable jeans, cartoonish T-shirts, plaid shirts, go for dark-colored plants (such as blue, brown or black), sporty jackets and scarves too. Accompany them with rugged boots and leather shoes to display your fashion to the world.


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