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San Diego Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Chris A.

San Diego Police Departments, City of San Diego Police Department

San Diego Police Departments Information

The San Diego Police Department

The San Diego Police Department that was officially established on May 16, 1889, serves as the main law implementation agency in the city of San Diego, California. The official mission statement of the San Diego Police Department reads as “To maintain peace and order by providing the highest quality police services.” The Chief of Police in the city of San Diego is David Nisleit who took charge on March 2nd, 2018.

Goals of the San Diego Police Department

The San Diego Police Department has set certain goals to achieve as the primary law enforcer agency. The key goals of the San Diego Police Department are as follows:

  1. To improve the quality of life of everyone living in the city of San Diego

By this, what the law enforcer actually strives to do is to prevent violent crimes by identifying and apprehending the lawbreakers or criminals. The law enforcer also strives to improve the priority call response times and focusing on command and community priorities.

  1. To ensure the accountability of the department towards professionalism, high standards of performance and ethics

The San Diego Police department has taken stringent measures to address the issues of non-professional conduct and non-performance by its employees. The Department does strive hard to achieve sound decision making by the application of Procedural justice. The San Diego Police works hard towards the training of its officers and making them well-informed.

  1. To strive towards achieving continuous improvements in Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Department strives extremely hard to maintain the best practices in policing by acquiring the latest technology and equipment. The department strives to fully utilize and manage appropriately all of its available resources, especially human resource.

City of San Diego Police Department

Contact Information

The San Diego Police can be easily reached out at the following Telephone Numbers:

For non-emergencies call 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154.

In an emergency call 911.

From outside San Diego call 619-531-2065.

Apart from these main calling lines, there exist several dedicated phone lines to quickly and efficiently connect the citizens to various types of criminal offenses that they may be aware of. The division-wise contact information of the different criminal sub-departments of the San Diego Police are as follow:

Neighborhood Divisions

Central Division

2501 Imperial Ave., San Diego, CA 92102

Phone: 619-744-9500

TTY: 619-234-2477

Eastern Division

9225 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: 858-495-7900

TTY: 858-495-7995

Mid-City Division

4310 Landis St., San Diego, CA 92105

Phone: 619-516-3000

Northern Division

4275 East gate Mall, San Diego, CA 92037

Phone: 858-552-1700

TTY: 858-552-1799

Northeastern Division

13396 Salmon River Road, San Diego, CA 92129

Phone: 858-538-8000

TTY: 858-538-8093

San Diego Police Departments

Northwestern Division

12592 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130

Phone: 858-523-7000

Southern Division

1120 27th St., San Diego, CA 92154

Phone: 619-424-0400

TTY: 619-424-0492

Southeastern Division

7222 Skyline Drive, San Diego, CA 92114

Phone: 619-527-3500

TTY: 619-527-3592

Western Division

5215 Gaines St., San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: 619-692-4800

TTY: 619-692-4978

Headquarters Directory

1401 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

Child Abuse 619-531-2260

Crime Analysis 619-531-2413

Crime Free Multi-Housing 619-531-2858

Crime Stoppers 888-580-TIPS

Crisis Intervention 619-446-1014

Domestic Violence 619-533-3500

TTY for Domestic Violence 619-533-3501

Economic Crimes 619-531-2545

Gangs 619-531-2847

Headquarters Front Counter 619-531-2231

Homicide 619-531-2293

Internal Affairs 619-531-2801

Juvenile Services 619-531-2270

Permits & Licensing (Vice Administration) 619-531-2250

Media Services/Public Information 619-531-2900

Missing Persons (Adults Only) 619-531-2277

Missing Juveniles 619-531-2000

Narcotics Unit 619-531-2468

Property and Evidence Unit 619-531-2866

Property and Evidence Unit – Gun Desk 619-531-2774

Records 619-531-2846

Recruiting 619-531-2677

Reserves 619-446-1014

Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) 619-446-1016

Robbery 619-531-2299

Sex Crimes 619-531-2210

STAR/PAL 619-531-2718

Vice 619-531-2452

Volunteer Services/Neighborhood Policing 619-446-1017

The official website of the San Diego Police Department can be accessed at The official San Diego Police Department email is and one can send their questions pertaining to the San Diego Police recruitment process and other concerns on this email address.


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