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Santa Rosa Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Chris A.

Santa Rosa Police Departments, City of Santa Rosa Police Department

Santa Rosa Police Departments Information

This article flows through the details of the Santa Rosa Police Departments, the efficient police department of the state of California in the United States. It also goes through the brief history of the Santa Rosa Police department and the functions performed by them, the number of employees serving in the department and the units they contain. Further, it deals with the way to contact the Santa Rosa Police Department as and when required by the residents of Santa Rosa. The functions of the Police Department of Santa Rosa are also mentioned along in this piece.

Santa Rosa Police Departments
About the
Santa Rosa Police Departments: 

Santa Rosa Police is considered as a governmental agency, similar to other agencies under the direct control of the Santa Rosa government. The Santa Rosa Police Department was established in the year 1867. It started its journey with a total of Three Marshals and extended its number to 55 in the first 100 years. Currently, a total of 247 people are deployed in the Santa Rosa Police Department. This agency regulates the local peace and has its jurisdiction in an area of 41.50 sq. mi and over a total of 167,815 people.

The budget of the Santa Rosa Police Department is estimated to be more than $40,000,000. Santa Rosa Police Department consists of a gang investigation unit and a North Bay Regional Gang Task Force under it. The Santa Rosa police perform all its functions of policing well. The Police Department maintains law and order; ensure public safety in Santa Rosa and checks for any kind of criminal activity in the city. The police timely interfere in any case of disturbance in public peace through any kind of activities such as the use of loudspeakers unnecessarily, threat cases, accidents, property cases or theft. All the major and minor cases are well handled by the police of Santa Rosa effectively and efficiently.

City of Santa Rosa Police Department
How to contact Santa Rosa Police Department? 

Located in California in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa is an otherwise peaceful city. But in case of violence, public destruction, and the threat, affray, arson, kidnapping, robbery, murder, abduction, the Santa Rosa Police Department can be contacted immediately. The Santa Rosa Police Department address can be approached whenever required.

The Santa Rosa Police Department with their headquarters at 965, Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 can be reached at all times. The Santa Rosa Police Department can be contacted at 9-1-1 in case of any kind of emergency by the people of Santa Rosa. Furthermore, Sonoma county research and rescue team can be contacted at (707)565-2121 with their 24 hours-functional nature. The Santa Rosa Police Emails can also be contacted at The police should be immediately contacted to seek help from major to minor cases in order to ensure the safety of oneself and the safety of others.

Major achievements of the Santa Rosa Police Department:

In the year 2013, a 13-year-old boy Andy Lopez was shot by a sheriff's deputy Erick Gelhaus while he was carrying a replica of a rifle which Erick Gelhaus demanded him to drop. Andy Lopez failed to do so and as a result, the latter shot him straight up. This case was handled successfully by the Santa Rosa Police Department and received much appreciation for the same from the local people as well as from beyond the territory of Santa Rosa. Apart from this, early in the years 1878, Charles Henley murdered his neighbor James Rowland as Rowland complained about Henley's pigs rolling at his place. This resulted in the incidence of lynching by the mob. This case was another famous case handled by the Santa Rosa Police Department. 


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