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How To Save When Moving Homes

by Jessie Carson

Save Money on House Move, Save on Home Move

How To Save When Moving Homes

Moving can be a costly affair. Like any other event though, there is always scope for saving money when moving homes. If you are shrewd, think ahead and are reasonably self-sufficient, you can slice your expenditure by a material proportion. The costs associated with the activity of moving can be roughly organized under the following heads – packing costs and mover costs. Let’s look at opportunities to save, under each of these heads.

save money on house move

Saving on packing costs

Here are some ways to save on packing costs:

  1. Pack yourself – Most professional movers offer packing services, but these will tack on extra costs to your moving bill. Their costs include the packing materials as well as the labor charges. Doing the packing yourself can save you a lot of money. You can recruit friends and family to help you and make it into a party with food, drinks and music. Another advantage of packing yourself is that you are at lower risk of careless packaging which could damage your belongings.
  2. Declutter – The moving charges usually increase with the volume that has to be moved. Moving is a good time to make decisions about items you have not used in a while. Most of us tend to hoard belongings even when we know they do not serve us any longer. Rather than spend money on moving these items, consider donating them or selling them.
  3. Search for free packing materials – Friends and family that have just moved homes will often have boxes, bubble wrap, cushioning material, or unused packing tape to spare. For an additional cost benefit, use clothes and linens as cushioning for breakables rather than separately purchasing bubble wrap. Old newspaper from friends and family also be used for packing breakables. Not to mention, this carries an added environmental benefit. Televisions and computers can be packed in their original packaging, if still around.

Saving on mover costs

saving on home move

Here are some ways to save on mover costs:

  1. Know the components of moving charges – Each mover may have a different charging structure. Ask enough questions of your mover until it is crystal clear – whether it is a flat or contingent fee, whether it includes packing and unpacking charges, whether their charges include stairs (and you don’t have any), whether charges increase by the number of boxes or number of trucks or manpower used. Once you are familiar with the fee schedule, see whether there are services you can dispense with, for example, packing services. Negotiate a discount for not availing these services.
  2. Use your own or a friend’s vehicle – If you are moving locally, use your own vehicle or a friend’s vehicle to transfer a few boxes and smaller items. You may end up saving the moving trucks a trip and save some money too. A discount with the movers may be negotiable when transporting some of the items yourself.
  3. Book in advance – Do not wait till a few days before your move to book a professional mover. Particularly if it happens to be peak season, contact moving companies and get quotes early. This will help in arranging for the money as well as help you save money by booking in advance.
  4. Use a price-comparison tool – Book your mover online after checking a price-comparison website. Quotes are competitive as movers are constantly trying to outbid each other.

As you can see, moving on a budget is simple, if you are smart and looking for opportunities to save money. There is no reason that moving homes has to be as pricey as it comes.

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