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Facts about Scotland. Some important things to Know about Scotland

by Rob V.

Facts about Scotland, Scotland Facts, Scotland Important Facts

Facts about Scotland: Important things to Know about Scotland!


Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom located between England in the South with whom it shares a border and the Atlantic Ocean on the other three sides. Scotland’s territory includes about 790 islands. Facts about Scotland are organized into the following categories- general, history, politics and government, culture, and natural resources.


  • The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, and the largest city is Glasgow City.
  • The national symbol of Scotland is the thistle.
  • Scotland’s official languages are English, Gaelic, Scots, and British Sign Language, but there are over 170 languages spoken in the region.
  • There are more redheads in Scotland than any other place in the world.
  • Scots law is based and derived from Roman law, although it was never really part of the Roman Empire.
  • The currency of Scotland is the pound sterling.
  • Drivers in Scotland use the left side of the road.
  • As of now, the current population of Scotland is approximately 5.4 million people.
  • The flag of Scotland consists of a white diagonal cross on a royal blue background and is inspired by the patron saint of Scotland, St. Andrew, who died on an X-shaped cross.


  • The King of Scotland became the King of England in 1603 before which Scotland was an independent country. The two countries did not merge until 1707.
  • The Shores Porter Society in Aberdeen is the world’s oldest transport company.
  • Scotland claims to have the oldest working post office in the world in the Sanquhar, apparently established in 1712.
  • Skara Brae, a settlement built out of stone dating back to 3100 BC is located on the Orkney island archipelago in Scotland. It is the oldest building in Britain.

Politics and government

  • The Scottish Parliament was reconvened in 1999 after it had been disbanded 300 years ago.
  • Scotland’s first minister is Nicola Sturgeon, and she is presently the head of the Scottish Government.
  • The result of a criminal trial in Scotland may be one of three outcomes: guilty, not guilty, and not proven. The “not proven” verdict has come to be known as the Scottish Verdict abroad.
  • A number of British Prime Ministers have emerged from Scotland including William Ewart Gladstone, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown.


  • Glasgow Tower was completed in 2001, is the tallest building in the world at 417 feet and can rotate a whole 360 degrees.
  • Scotland is infamous for haggis – a dish made of minced sheep’s pluck with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt, and stock and cooked in an animal stomach for about an hour. Nowadays an artificial encasing is also often used.
  • Scotland is world renowned for its whiskey. Abroad, it is known as Scotch whiskey, and 40 bottles are shipped out of the country each second.
  • Scotland is famous for golf. Promoted as the 'Home of Golf,' Scots have been playing golf since the 15th century.
  • There is no official national anthem of Scotland, but Flowers of Scotland is played on special occasions. Other contenders for the national anthem are Scotland the Brave, Highland Cathedral, Scots Wha Hae and A Man's A Man for A' That.
  • Edinburgh became the first UNESCO City of Literature in 2004.

Natural resources

  • The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.
  • The Gulf of Corryvrecken has the third largest whirlpool in the world.
  • Bass Rock houses the largest colony of Gannets in the world. Gannets are a type of seabird.
  • Britain’s highest mountain (Ben Nevis) Britain’s deepest lake (Loch Morar), and the second longest and deepest lake (Loch Ness) are all located in Inverness-shire in Scotland.
  • Some of Europe’s largest oil reserves are in Scotland’s waters, and the number of jobs created by the Scottish energy industry is approximately half a million.



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