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There are Sex Offenders Living Near You! Here is How to Find them with a Background Check

by Eric C.

Sex offenders near you: here is how to perform a sex offender background check

As of 2021, there are nearly 920,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. After they are released from custody, convicted sex offenders are required to register themselves as such wherever they go. This means that sex offenders who live near you are on the National Sex Offender registry. How can you find out who is a sex offender? We have the answers year.

Sex Offender Risk Levels

Like with other crimes, sex offenders are classified according to the severity of their crimes. With registered sex offenders, we have the following 'risk level' classification:

  • Level one sex offenders: offenders with a low risk of a repeat offense
  • Level two sex offenders: offenders with a moderate risk of a repeat offense
  • Level three: offenders with a high risk of a repeat offense*
* Offenders with previous convictions and predatory characteristics. Seek new victims and are likely to commit violent crimes.

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How to Find Sex Offenders Near Me

There is no question that no matter the risk level – people need to know if there are sex offenders living nearby. This is especially crucial for parents who want to make sure their children are safe. Also, if you are planning on moving to a new location, it is always recommended to perform a sex offender search before you commit to a new home.

How can you perform a sex offender search? one method is contacting local law enforcement agencies; sex offender data is a matter of public records, so you can request and receive full data about sex offenders in your area.

Another method is the quick and easy sex offender background search available to you on GoLookUp. The basic search is name-based; by entering the name of an individual into the search query, you can discover if they have ever been convicted of sex crimes.

For an area search, GoLookUp offers a zip code-based query; by entering a zip code of interest into the query, you will receive a list of all the registered sex offenders who live in the said area.

You can also perform a phone number search or address search to discover the truth about individuals. GoLookUp performs every search by scanning official public records. within minutes, you receive a report that includes the following information:

  • Full name of the offender/s
  • State of arrest
  • City of arrest
  • General physical features
  • Mugshot
  • Address and location data
  • Conviction information

 With an increase in the number of registered sex offenders with every passing year, information becomes a powerful tool. To discover the registered sex offender living near you and to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones, try GoLookUp's comprehensive sex offender background check.



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