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Alabama Sex Offender Registry

Alabama has the 19th highest number of registered sex offenders with 13,327 of them residing in the state as of 2018. The total number of registered sex offenders in the country is nearing 800,000, and they are all monitored by the state they live in. If you want to perform an Alabama sex offender lookup, you can easily do it with the help of online registered sex offender registries.

The two main methods for searching Alabama registered sex offenders are by using the state sex offender's registry search that provides information about Alabama sex offenders. The second method is by searching for data about registered sex offenders in public records sites that dispense such information.   

Alabama Sex Offender Registry General Information

According to the Alabama criminal justice services website, data about most sex offenders in the state is available to the general public. Records about juvenile sex offenders, YOA, or out-of-state status cannot be viewed by the public. In other cases, you can find information about Alabama registered sex offenders in websites that provide such data. Like in all other states in the country, people who have been found guilty or convicted of committing a sex crime must notify authorities about the judgment.

Alabama Sex Offender Registry
State and federal laws clearly state that sex offender who has been found guilty of committing a sex crime must register as such in every place they move to. The registration allows law enforcement agencies to keep track of registered sex offenders living in the country and learn if they commit other offenses. Also, the sex registration allows the residents in each state to know if anyone they know is a registered sex offender.

Alabama Sex Offender Search

By the 2013-67 Act, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), and it is responsible for the mission and functions of 12 state law enforcement agencies. One of the ALEA missions is to keep track of registered sex offenders in the state of Alabama and provide residents with data about the registered sex offenders living in Alabama.

According to Alabama state laws, each registered sex offenders must report to local law enforcement agencies about their status and any changes they made in their residence. The report must be given several times a year; during the sex offenders' birthday month and every three months after. The law enforcement agencies submit the registration information to the ALEA, which in turn provides people with information in an online Alabama sex offender registry.

Alabama Sex Offender Search

A Quick Sex Offender Search Service

For those of you who want to perform an Alabama sex offender lookup, you can use GoLookUp's online services. The services are divided into two kinds – the first kind is a general search and the second search is a more focused search. With the first service provided by GoLookUp, you can find registered sex offenders based on a zip code. When you enter an Alabama zip code into the search directory, the search engine will quickly scan millions of public records about the people living in that area. After mere minutes, you will receive a report that includes the names of all the sex offenders living in the zip code you entered, their mugshots, criminal records, and even their distance from you.

If you want to perform a more focused search, you can use GoLookUp's other services, such as a background check, a reverse phone number search, a true people search, and more. Once you enter once identifying detail about a certain person you have questions about, the website will provide you with their full history, including whether or not they are registered sex offenders.

Searching for Alabama registered sex offenders allows you to find valuable information about the people in your life, and with GoLookUp, the search is quicker and easier than ever.    

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