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Sex Offender Laws in Arizona

A sex offender is an individual who has committed a crime of a sexual nature or a sex crime. The definition of sex crime changes according to culture as well as a legal jurisdiction. While most convicted sex offenders have committed crimes which are sexual, some of them may have just violated a law which was in a sexual category.

Your rights after being registered as a sex offender

While it is possible, it is highly unlikely to have a sex offender registration requirement removed in Arizona. However, charges may be dropped or lowered if the sexual offense is something considered minor such as indecent exposure.

Offenders are given a ranking based on how severe the crime they committed is. The ranking is from level one to level three. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has said that there isn’t a time limit for how long offenders must register. This is because Arizona does not comply with SORNA (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act).

Arizona Sex Offender Laws
Which crimes make an individual qualify for sex offender registration?

The following crimes qualify an individual for sex offender registration.

  • Sexual exploitation of a minor
  • Indecent exposure as well as public sexual indecency
  • Taking a child for prostitution
  • Sexual conduct with a minor
  • Sexual assault of a spouse
  • Sexual assault
  • Molestation of a child
  • Infamous crimes against nature
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a child
  • Lewd as well as lascivious acts

How much time does a sex offender have to register after being released from prison?
Sex offenders must register within ten days of being released if they do not want to suffer additional penalties as well as punishments. If a sex offender fails to register, it will be regarded as a class 4 felony.

Sex Offender Laws Arizona
Additional requirements for the Arizona sex offender registry

  • If a sex offender doesn’t have a permanent residence, they are required to register as transients every 90 days with the county sheriff.
  • If a sex offender moves residence inside or outside of a county, they are required to inform the county sheriff within 72 hours of moving residences. The same rule applies if they change their name.
  • Sex offenders have to update the register every year with the Motor Vehicle Division of Arizona. If they do not do this, it is treated as a class 6 felony. The penalties are severe and can include jail time of up to 2 years.
  • Convicted sex offenders of violent crimes are not permitted to live within 1,000 feet of public schools as well as childcare facilities.

How is indecent exposure treated in Arizona?

There are many situations in which individuals can be charged with indecent exposure. This makes it the most common sexual offense in Arizona. Examples of indecent exposure include urinating in a public area, revealing too much of yourself to a crowd while intoxicated and so on.

Individuals facing indecent exposure charges might be required to register as sex offenders for life. This is in addition to 6 to 15 years in jail along with the fines that come with it.

If you are facing a tough situation, the best course of action is to hire an experienced sex crimes lawyer as he/she can reduce your charges. Most of the time, people are charged with indecent exposure. A good sex crimes lawyer can reduce these charges to disorderly conduct.

This article isn’t meant to be used for legal information but rather as a general guide. The laws for sex offenders vary depending on the state the crime was committed to as well as the state that the sex offender resides in. Look up your local laws for laws about your case.

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