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California Sex Offender Registry

As of 2018, there are nearly 800,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and the state with the highest numbers of sex offenders in California. The number of sex offenders in California is 106,216, and they are monitored by law enforcement agencies in the state.

If you reside in California, or if you are considering moving to the state, you can perform a California sex offender search. To do so, you can use several online sex offender locator services available to you, and find out if someone you know is a registered sex offender in California.

California Sex Offender Registry

California Sex Offender Registry General Information

Like with all other states in the US, California sex offenders who have been convicted of committing a sex crime must register with the proper law enforcement authorities. The state of California enacted Megan's law in 1996 Penal Code § 290.46; according to Megan's Law, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) is mandated to notify the public registered sex offender that reside in the state.

According to state and US laws, each sex offenders who have been found guilty of committing a sex crime must notify local authorities about the guilty verdict. Afterward, each sex offender must register themselves as a sex offender to allow authorities to monitor them and any changes they make (such as moving to a new home).

Sex Offender Registry in America

Many countries in the world operate a sex offender registry that helps them monitor sex offenders, even after they have completed their sentence. The sex offender registry in the US consists of two levels; a federal level and a state level. Both of these systems collect data about sex offenders in the country and also make it available to the public.

Each state in the US keeps a sex offender registry that is accessible to the public. To maintain an up-to-date account of the registered sex offenders in each state, sex offenders much notify authorities of their current residence, as well as any changes they make in their address.

There are also sex offenders whose information is not available to the public but only to law enforcement agencies. Depending on the state and the nature of the sex crimes, some sex offenders are restricted from residing in certain areas and even entire cities.

California Sex Offender Search

Sex Offender Locator California

The FBI, in coordination with the Department of Justice, operates a website that allows residents of the country to search for sex offenders according to their location. The California government also operates a sex offender locator website that residents can use to find sex offenders. The website allows you to perform a sex offender search in California based on a name and an address you want to check. For a more in-depth search, you cab use GoLookUp's sex offender search services that allow you to perform a background check on the people you meet.

A Quick California Sex Offender Search

To perform a sex offender search with GoLookUp, you can perform a query in two different ways:

A wide search – a location-based search that allows you to find sex offenders based on a zip-code. Once you enter a certain US zip code, GoLookUp will scan public records and provide you with a detailed report about the sex offenders living in that area in a matter of minutes. The sex offender search report includes a detailed account of the sex offenders living in the zip code you entered. The report contains data about sex offenders, such as their full name, address, mugshots, the sex crimes they committed, and even their distance from you.

You can use the service to find out who are the registered sex offenders living in a certain area, like your neighborhood. You can also use GoLookUp's sex offender search directory to find information about a neighborhood you are considering moving to, areas your children go to, and any other place you have questions about.

sex offender lookup

A focused search – if you want to find out if a certain person you know or recently met has a violent criminal past, you can use GoLookUp's focused search directories. The search can be performed based on a person's name (true people search), their phone number (reverse phone number search), address (reverse address search), and email (email search).

By entering one of the details mentioned here, GoLookUp will scan public records and provide you with a background check report on the person in question. The report will include, among others, sex offenses the person performed. Thanks to the search, you will be able to find out if your neighbors, colleagues, potential dates, etc., have a violent sexual past you need to know about.

A California sex offender search can help you discover who are the sex offenders who live in your area of residence, and also if a certain person you know is a registered sex offender.

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