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Sexual offender laws in Colorado
Sex crimes are illegal actions that involve any kind of sexual misconduct, assault, illegal sexual behavior, or illegal pornography. The penalties for sex crimes can be very severe and can include jail time, fines, and lifetime supervision. Being convicted for a sex crime in Colorado can lead to additional penalties that go beyond incarceration and fines.

Some of the sex offenders may be committed to the custody of the department of corrections after serving their criminal sentence for an indeterminate amount of time. The Colorado Bureau Bureau of Investigation and the local law enforcement are the administering agency for sex crime registration.

Colorado sex offender registry
According to Article 22 of title 16 the Colorado Offender Registration Act, it requires any person
- Convicted in the state of Colorado of an unlawful sexual offense, as defined enticement of a child or internet luring of a child.
- Any person who was convicted in another state or jurisdiction of a criminal offense and if they are committed in Colorado and the crime constitutes as an unlawful sexual offense.
- Any person who was released from the department of corrections of this state or any other state having served a sentence for an illegal sexual offense.

Colorado Sex Offender Laws

Conditions to register as a sex offender in Colorado
In Colorado, a sex offender must register within a specific timeframe in the county in which he or she resides. Every year requires them to register for as long as the sentence demands within its stipulations. A time restriction of five days from the date of the offender’s birthday is when this registration must be initiated. Depending upon the crime or factors of the original crime the person was convicted of, additional information may be necessary. These registration conditions are often to discourage and assist in eliminating future crimes with these individuals.

Juveniles and adults need to register
In Colorado, both adults and minors are required to register as a sex offender as a part of their sex crime conviction. In addition to this, individuals that move to Colorado will also be required to register if they have been convicted of a crime that required sex offender registration in another state.
Temporary residents need to register
A sex offender who lives in a house, apartment, hotel, motel in Colorado for more than 14 days in any 30 days, will be considered a temporary resident and must register with the Colorado sex offender registry.

Additional personal information must be provided
Sex offenders required to register must provide the local law enforcement officers with their personal information, including fingerprints, photos, address, place of employment or school attended, registered vehicles, etc.

Sex Offender Laws Colorado

Sex offenders who have committed crimes against minors
Besides, those convicted of a sex crime involving a child must register all email addresses and online aliases before being allowed to use those email addresses or online aliases.

Must notify the police before changing their location
Sex offenders need to notify police within five days when they move to a different Colorado county. The public has access to all available data on registered sex offenders at their local police station. Besides, Colorado has an online registry that lists felony sex crime offenders and offenders that fail to register correctly.

Failure to register as a sex offender
Colorado deems the failure to register as a sexual offender very seriously. Failure becomes an independent criminal charge with additional penalties. These charges will commence even if the individual was ignorant about knowing if registration was required or when to do so. Failure to register is a felony charge with potential prison time or further treatment when probation is still ongoing. Sex offender registration becomes permanent when an offender fails to register.

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