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Sex offender laws in Connecticut

Sex crimes are illegal actions that involve any kind of sexual misconduct, assault, unlawful sexual behavior, or illegal pornography. The penalties for sex crimes can be very severe and can include jail time, fines, as well as lifetime supervision. The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection keeps an updated along with an accessible record of sex offenders. All the information provided by the sex offender includes the offenders last known the address and physical description as well as his/her location, date, as well as details of the offense.

What are the categories of sex offenders in Connecticut
Connecticut has three categories of sex offenders. These categories differentiate offenders based on the nature of the crime committed. The categories are:

1. Level 1 Offenders
The sex offenders who are convicted of a criminal offense against a minor, which requires ten years of registration for the first offenses and lifetime registration for a subsequent offense

2. Level 2 Offenders
The sex offenders who are convicted of nonviolent sexual offenses, which requires ten years of being registered for a first offense along with lifetime registration for every subsequent offense.

Connecticut Sex Offender Laws
3. Level 3 Offenders
Sex offenders who are convicted of sexually violent offenses. These offenses require the person to be registered for a lifetime. There is an additional fourth category of sex offenders and individuals for whom the court has the discretion whether to impose a period of registration for ten years

4. Level 4 Offenders
Sex offenders who are convicted of a felony which the court finds were committed for a sexual purpose - that is, with the purpose or intent to be engaged in sexual intercourse or contact with a person without his or her consent.


Requirements of a sex offender

- Sex offenders from out of state are subjected to Connecticut sex offender laws and regulation. If the “essential elements” of the out of state crime are substantially the same as any of the crimes requiring registration.

- The sex who committed a sex crime out of state is required to register as a sexual offender in such other state or the federal or military system.

- Almost all types of sex crimes in Connecticut require the convicted individual to register as a sex offender when they are convicted.

- It is compulsory for sex offenders to register themselves initially, but periodically as well. The individual will need to renew the registration yearly.

Sex Offender Laws Connecticut

- Sex offenders must also make sure any change of address, change of job, or other relevant change is updated promptly to avoid any criminal penalties.

- There is a 10-year registration after conviction and release into the community for nonviolent and crimes against a minor victim.

- There is lifetime registration after conviction and release into the community for crimes defined as a sexually violent offense under C.G.S. 54-250 or for any individual who has been convicted of crimes that require registration and for those who have a prior conviction of any such offense.

Connecticut sex offender registry

The sex offender must register before release by the Department of Correction or within three days of release. Any out of state offenders who are temporarily in the state must notify DESPP within three days or if changing residence to this state “without undue delay.”

Failure to Comply

Under the Connecticut state law, sex offenders are required to verify their address every 90 days, and they have about ten days to submit an address verification form to the Sex Offender Registry. If one fails to comply with the requirements, it will lead to an arrest for a Class D felony.