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Sex Offender Laws in Kansas

A sex offender is generally referred to as a person who has committed a crime of sexual nature. Sex offender registries exist in the United States of America in both the federal and state levels. Sex offender registries are present in all the states of America, and they generally contain vital information regarding the persons convicted of sexual crimes.

In the United States of America, information about the sex offender registry is made available to the public through an online website or other means. In many jurisdictions, registered sex offenders have many other additional restrictions which include housing restrictions.

Sex offender laws in Kansas require a complex registration process for most sex crime convictions. Most of these requirements are quite serious and if they are not followed properly, it may culminate in re-incarceration.

In Kansas, the public database wherein anyone can obtain information about registered sexual offenders is maintained by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI).

Kansas Sex Offender Laws

If you are a sex offender in Kansas, you would have to maintain contact with local law enforcement which is usually the sheriff’s office in the county of your residence, continually for every four months. If you happen to work in other counties or you frequently visit other counties, you would have to register in those counties as well.

As a sexual offender, you would have to report on your scheduled dates, pay a fee of a certain amount and update your personal information. Reporting is a process where you would have to verify or update changes in your address or vehicle information, the place of your work, your email address and other related information.   

This process should be carried on by Kansas sex offenders every four months for 15 years, 25 years, or throughout his or her lifetime life, depending on the seriousness of the nature of the sex crime conviction and the criminal history of the person convicted.

What happens if you fail to register as a sex offender?

In Kansas, if you fail to register as a sex offender, the law would deem the act as the severity of level 5 felony. Also, if you are non-compliant which means that you have violated some of the sex offender registration laws which include acts such as failure to report on time, failure to update personal information and non-payment of fees, a new violation would be recorded in your name after every 30 days till you comply.

If you continue to remain non-compliant, sex offender registration laws in Kansas will turn the act into Aggravated Violation which is a new and distinct felony offense which generally ends in prosecution.

Sex Offender Laws Kansas

Kansas Jessica Law

To bring about harsh punishment upon child sex offenders, almost every state in the U.S. has a version of Jessica’s Law. Kansas legislature also has its version of Jessica’s Law which was signed into law in 2006 by the Governor. The Kansas Jessica’s Law which was signed in 2006 has successfully increased the term of imprisonment by those convicted of child sex crimes. If a person has committed a crime of sexual nature upon a child who is aged under 14, he or she will be imprisoned for a minimum of 25 years even if he or she does not have a prior criminal record. The offender has to face 25-year life imprisonment without being eligible for parole.

Also, when an adult is convicted of a distinctive sex crime under Jessica’s Law against a child who is aged under 14 and has a previous record of sexual assault, he or she will be imprisoned for life and would have to serve a minimum of 40 years of imprisonment.                    

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