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Michigan Sex Offender Registry

As of 2018, there are approximately 47,329 registered sex offenders living in the state of Michigan, which has the 4th largest number of sex offenders in the country. To help the public find out who are the sex offenders living in Michigan, there are online services dedicated to the search of sex offenders. The Michigan state police operates a special service for finding registered sex offenders in the state, and you can find them in the name based search directory. Aside from the Michigan sex offender registry search, you can also use other online services that can provide you with data about sex offenders and where they reside.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry General Information

In Michigan, like all other US states, there are federal and state laws that define what sex crimes are, and how sex crimes should be punished. The Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act (Public Act 85 of 1999) has made it possible to list sex offenders in websites that are available to the public.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry
Also, Michigan’s Sex Offenders Registration Act (Public Act 542 of 2002) requires Michigan sex offenders to provide law enforcement authorities of their up-to-date address, as well as their vocation. The information allows Michigan's local authorities to keep track of registered sex offenders in the state, and to register any changes they make. It also allows keeping the Michigan online sex offender registry updated to allow residents to keep track of sex offenders.


Michigan Sex Offender Search

The Michigan State Police (MSP) operates an online service that us untended to give users access to information of registered sex offenders. The search can be conducted based on the names of sex offenders in the state. However, the MSP warns that the service is not always available due to many users. So, you are advised to log in to the service from time to time to check if it is available and operating.

You can also use other online sex offender search services that can help you track down sex offenders in Michigan, as well as other states in the county.

A Quick Sex Offender Search Service

To help people track down sex offenders in living in their state, GoLookUp offers several services. The first service is a zip-code based search that can help you locate sex offenders living in a particular area. To find out who are those registered sex offenders, all you have to do is enter a certain zip code into GoLookUp's sex offender search directory.

Michigan Sex Offender Search
The search engine will then scan millions of public records and aggregate the data to a full report that includes all the registered sex offender data in the zip code in question. The information in the sex offender search report includes the names of the sex offenders living in the zip code in question, their address, their mugshots, the offenses they committed, and much more.

Another sex offenders search service provided by GoLookUp allows you to find information about individuals who are registered sex offenders.

To search for this information, you can use any number of services provided by GoLookUp, such as a true people search, a background check, police records, and more. By entering the name of the person you have questions about, you will be able to find out if they have a criminal record that includes a sex offender registry.

Finding information about registered sex offenders is important, and it is important that you get the data from reliable sources, such as GoLookUp.