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Sex Offender Laws in Nevada

The state of Nevada categorizes sex offenders under the following classifications:

1. Tier I Offender
Individuals who have convictions for non-violent crimes that do not involve children and are not listed under Tier II or Tier III

2. Tier II Offender
Generally applies to individuals convicted for non-violent crimes that involve children, including felony luring a child, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a child, an offense involving sex trafficking, an offense involving pornography, crimes committed in other jurisdictions that if committed in Nevada would be an offense listed in this section.

3. Tier III Offender
It applies to offenders who are convicted with the most severe violent sex crime convictions which include first-degree murder, committed in the deliberate attempt to sexually assault, sexually abuse or sexually molest a child who is younger than14 years of age. The sexual assault, abuse of a child involving sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of children who are younger than 13 years old, when the offense was committed is considered a III tier offenses. Even after the person becomes a Tier II offender, an attempt or conspiracy to commit a crime described in this section, and an offense which committed in another jurisdiction that if committed in Nevada would be an offense listed in this section.

Nevada Sex Offender Laws

Rules for Sex Offenders to register

The Department of Public Safety Parole and Probation division in Nevada, states that it is mandatory for

- individuals who are registered sex offenders to register their names to necessary lists within 48 hours after finding a residence within a county or incorporated city.

- If a sex offender shifts to another address that is within the same county or city, they are required to update their new address within 48 hours of driving in.

- Additionally, a registered sex offender needs to reregister every year, on the date they were first registered. The reregistration can be necessary for only a few years, or a lifetime, depending on the judge’s sentencing.

- The offender needs to complete an annual verification form

- The Offender is required to appear in person at a local law enforcement agency frequently, according to the tier their offenses belong to:

Tier I offenders- At least once a year

Tier II offenders - At least once every six months

Tier III offenders - At least once every three months

sex Offender Laws Nevada

Failure to comply to register as a sex offender in Nevada

The state of Nevada has a statute that outlined that it is mandatory for sex offenders to comply with the registry requirements. The offender must register annually for as long as he/she lives in the state of Nevada, whether they are a non-resident or a student or worker within the states. The duration of your name remaining in the registry in the state of Nevada depends on which tier you belong to.

- Tier I offenders need to register for 15 years

- Tier II Offenders need to register for 25 years

- Tier III Offenders need to register for life.

Under the Nevada Statute, failure to register and comply with the registry requirements, failure to register with a local law enforcement, failure to notify the local law enforcement agency of a change of name, residence, employment or student status, providing untrue or misleading information to the or a local law enforcement agency, or otherwise violating the provisions, is guilty of a class D felony. The judge may impose prison time in Nevada State Prison for 1-4 years along with a $5000 fine. Concerning a first offense, the judge is likely to grant probation, but failure to register more than once in seven years, it will result in mandatory prison time.

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