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Sex Offender Laws in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the government takes any sex offense committed very seriously. A sex offense is an act of crime and includes rape, indecent exposure, sexual assault, and child pornography.

What are the categories of sex offenders in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, sexual assault is categorized into three distinct crimes, which are as follows:

1. Sexual assault

Sexual assault in the state of New Hampshire may include the following types of sexual contacts:

  • With a child below 13 years of age
  • Between 13-16 years of age and the age difference between the victim and offender is  a minimum of 5 years

When charged, the convicted is said to have committed Class A misdemeanor that may lead to an imprisonment time, probation time, and a fine for up to 2,000 USD. All sexual assault offenders should mandatorily register under the Criminal Offenders list of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Sex Offender Laws

2. Felonious sexual assault

It comprises of serious injury and sexual injury caused to another person and also includes:

  • Engaging a person between 13-16 years in sexual contact and the age difference between the victim and the offender is a minimum of 4 years
  • The victim is below13 years of age

When charged with this kind of a sexual offense, the offender will face Class B Felony charges. The punishments may include imprisonment for up to 7 years, probation time, and fines for up to 4,000 USD. Convicted have to also register under the Criminal Offenders list of New Hampshire. 

3. Aggravated felonious sexual assault

It is considered to be the most severe sexual assault crime charge in New Hampshire. In case a person has been convicted with aggravated felonious sexual assault, they can be put behind bars for up to 20 years. Also, it is mandatory for the offenders to register themselves under the Criminal offender's list of New Hampshire.

Sex Offender Laws New Hampshire

New Hampshire sex offender registry

  1. All offenders against kids or sexual offenders need t register themselves with the department of safety in New Hampshire, which falls under the division of state police.
  2. The details required by a sexual offender to register themselves as an offender against kids or sexual offender will be made available to the state’s law enforcement agency through the motor vehicle record and criminal record of the offender.
  3. Apart from providing their relevant information, any person whose name is registered with the sex offender registry of New Hampshire should be accessible for drop-ins, compliance checks, and random inspections by investigators.
  4. When a sex offender has multiple residences, they have to report to their local enforcement agency and share the addresses of all such residences, even if one such residence is located outside the state.

The time frame to register as a sex offender in New Hampshire

The sex offender should register himself within five business days after being released, or within five business days post the establishment date of his residence, schooling or employment in New Hampshire.

Once the first time registering is done, the sex offenders have to report in the following ways.

  1. All tier I & II sex offenders will have to report semi-annually in person within five business days post every anniversary of their date of birth and after that at a frequency of every six months.
  2. All tier III sex offenders need to report at every quarter and within five business day post the anniversary of the date of birth of the offender and after that at a frequency of every three months.

Failure to Comply

In case a sex offender fails to fulfill the registration requirements in New Hampshire, it can tantamount to a violation of parole or probation and can put the offender behind bars once again.


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