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Sex Offender Laws in Texas

If a person is convicted of a sexually based offense in the state of Texas, they may be subject to a number of penalties. The penalties could include a number of things such as time in jail or prison, fines, as well as mandatory registration as a sex offender. When a person is convicted of a sexual crime and is ordered to register himself or herself as a sex offender, they have to mandatorily enter all of their information into a state as well as the national database. The information that is entered is accessible by law enforcement as well as the general public. The data collected has to be regularly updated and has to be changed to regulate any new place of employment or addresses of the person convicted.

Length of Texas Sex Offender Registry

The length of registration depends on each case and it can also be different from the mandatory period of a federal sex offender registration. Any person who is convicted of kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, or unlawful restraint of any individual who is below 17 years of age may have to register for a term of 10 years after they get discharged from the incarceration.

Texas Sex Offender Laws,
On the other hand, an individual who is convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child or human trafficking has to be registered for the rest of their life after their date of discharge. There are a few cases in which a person may get a 10-year mandatory registration changed to a lifetime registration if there get convicted of another sexually-based crime.


Details to be registered as a sex offender in Texas

If an individual is ordered to register as a sex offender, he or she would need to give all identifying information such as Name along with any aliases, current addresses, photographs, height, weight, hair and eye color, social security number, a description of their residence, fingerprints, and contact numbers.

In case of any change in statuses such as job change, change of residence, or change in the offenders demographic information the registration has to be updated. In case of a move, the local law enforcement agents at the current address need to be notified seven days before the move.

Sex Offender Laws Texas
The individual also has seven days before they have to register at their new address and provide proof of the new address. Any offender that moves outside Texas would still need to report it to their current location seven days before moving but have up to 10 days after their arrival to report the new site. Changes in employment, education or health status also need to be registered within seven days of the change.

Along with registering the primary location any location in which the offender may be spending more than 48 consecutive hours more than three times a month would need to report this as a secondary location.

If there is no change in identifying information the offender would still need to make periodic updates. These updates would need to be done depending on the type and circumstances of the offense along with the offender's criminal history. Dangerous offenders would need to register every 30 days while those that have two or more sexual violations may have to register every 90 days. For other people in the registry, they would have to re-register every year.

In case of a failure to comply

Failure to register as a sexual offender in the state of Texas or update the registry in the case of change would be a felony level offense for which the person would likely face prison or jail time along with an increase in the registration period.