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Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia

Individuals convicted of offenses of sexual nature in West Virginia are needed by law to enroll their names and pictures along with all other personal information in the state registry list. Members of the public in the state who show concern about whether any sex offender resides near them could check the online registries. Almost all of those who get convicted of sex offenses comply with all legal requirements. They register, and when they change addresses, update the same with the relevant authorities.

Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia Objectives

The objective of sex offender laws in West Virginia is to help agencies connected with law enforcement to protect the general public from any predatory behavior of sex offenders. The latter is required to register themselves with the detachment of State Police in that county where they reside. This will make a few important information available to the public as given in this context. The objective of such a rule is to be regulatory and not a penal one.

West Virginia Sex Offender Laws

The legislature deemed this law as it found there is a necessary and compelling public interest to provide the public necessary information concerning individuals convicted of one or multiple sexual offenses so that members of the public can sufficiently protect themselves and also their children from such persons. The legislature understands that individuals who are compelled to register themselves as sex offenders have reduced privacy expectations due to the interest of the state in keeping the public safe.

Keeping people safe with Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia

The provisions of Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia can be applied both prospectively and also in a retroactive manner. A person who has been convicted of an attempted offense or an offense or has been found to be not guilty of mental retardation or mental illness or addiction of the offense under any provisions found in the code's chapter 61 or as per a statutory provision related to another state, Uniform Code of Military Justice, or United States Code that needs proof of identical essential elements must register as instructed in the subsection (d) and as per internal management rules pushed by the superintendent as per authority bestowed by section 25. Article 2.

Sections two, five, six, and article 14 caters to those violations which involve human trafficking with the aim of sexual servitude. Any person engaged in this activity must register themselves. The registration process must be completed by coming in person to any detachment of the West Virginia State Police responsible for protecting the county where the offending person has set up residence.

Sex Offender Laws West Virginia
That person must provide the full name including any nicknames or aliases or any other names which are used by the registered person. The latter must also provide the full address of residence or the address which is valid at the time of registration. This property includes any habitable one either leased or owned by the person and a place where the registered person visits regularly. It is to be kept in mind that a post office box cannot be substituted in lieu of any physical residential address. It is also important to give the address and name of the employer at the time of registration.

The place of occupation must also be provided including particulars of any educational institution the person could be attending at the time of registration. If the person wants to attend any training faculty in the future, then the details of the latter must also be provided. The list of compulsory documentation includes the Social Security Number of the registrant and a full-face photograph of that person at the time of registration and a short description of the crimes which the registrant got convicted.

Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia

Finding Sex Offenders in West Virginia

Under Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia, like the laws in other states, information about sex offenders is a matter of public record. So, under Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia, you can find out who is a registered sex offender in the state relatively easily. The first way to do so is to check the WV sex offender registry; like other states in the country, the state of West Virginia keeps a detailed records os sex offenders as a matter of public safety. So, thanks to the WV sex offender registry, you will be able to track down the names of West Virginia sex offenders who have registered as such under Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia.

You can also use an online sex offender search engines, like GoLookUp. To find out who is a registered sex offender in the state, you will need to enter the name of the person that you are searching into the site's directory. Then, the directory will scan public records to find out if the person in question is a registered sex offender under Sex Offender Laws in West Virginia. The website also offers a zip-code based search, so you can perform a West Virginia sex offender zip code search on sex offenders in the state. 

To perform the query, all you have to do is enter a West Virginia zip code into the directory. Then, GoLookUp will scan records of the sex offender in that area. At the end of the search, you will get a West Virginia sex offender zip code report that will include the names of all the registered sex offenders in that area, including their names, aliases, criminal offenses, their mugshots, and address.  

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