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Should I Stay Married?

by Felix J.

Should I Stay Married, Should I Get Divorced or Stay Married

Is Staying in a Marriage a Good Idea for You?

Deciding on separating from marriage is not easy. Most partners going through a tough situation in their relationship have the question “should I stay Married?” But, the thing to remember here is that you should not arrive at this decision all of a sudden. It holds particularly true if you have kids.

Reasons To Stay Married:

Here are some reasons to consider if you are confused about whether staying in a marriage is a good decision or not:

Even today you love each other: You might be resentful or frustrated at the moment. Basically, you would be sad to lose your partner just because you have a true love for your partner. So, do not give up and the small disturbance can be fixed in your relationship and you don’t have to separate from each other.

You have kids: Do not decide that you should break your relationship all of a sudden, particularly if you have kids. The reason is that kids can be greatly affected when they see their mom and dad getting separated. So, it is better to consider your kid and look for ways to correct the issues in your relationship.

Your complaints might be silly: This statement is not for hurting you but to make you realize that your problems might not be a big thing. You might be worried just because you are not getting enough attention from your partner. Do not be a baby and do not continue blaming on your partner. Just try what can be done from your end rather.

Should I Stay Married
Your intimate moments can revive: If there is a long gap in your intimate moments and if this is hurting you, it is not that it will continue for long. Your partner might have some problems that prevent intimate moments. So, just try to talk to him/her and if you cannot arrive at a good solution, you can also get help from a counselor. The revival of intimate moments is highly possible and this should never lead to a breakup.

Your Spouse recognizes there is a problem: If your spouse cannot understand that there is a problem he/she will not be ready for a solution. But, if he/she realizes the issues and is ready for a revival, you do not have to break up. Both of you can talk to each other and can arrive at a solution together.

Consider the past happy moments: You might have had many intimate moments in your life in the past and you have had family ties and have supported each other in the past tough times. Just think about those moments when your partner supported you a lot. Those moments will motivate you to continue your relationship with your partner.

Should I Get Divorced or Stay Married
When to get divorced?

When you are thinking “Should I Get Divorced or Stay Married?” you can consider divorce as the solution if you go through the following:

If your spouse has another relationship that he/she refused to give up, you can get divorced on mutual consent.

If you do not have kids or if they are grown up and understand that your separation will not hurt them, you can get separated.

If you think that you can be on your own and your partner also thinks the same, both can go away from each other.

If you no longer feel connected, you can move away. But, make sure that the anger is not temporary

If your spouse denies staying in the relationship even after you have expressed your intention to stay together, you can get separated.

Remember that finding an answer to the question “Should I Stay Married?” is tough. You will have to consider different factors before you decide.


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