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SideChef App Review and Guide

by Toni S.

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Side Chef App: Review of the SideChef Cooking App and its Best Features!

Whether you are a pro in the kitchen or simply a novice taking baby steps towards the fascinating world of food, SideChef App is here to help you engage in an exciting gastronomical adventure with seamless ease. It's an easy and highly organized cooking app that makes cooking an enjoyable activity rather than an impossible ordeal to achieve.

SideChef is a platform that lets both cooking professionals and amateurs engage in stirring up wholesome meals and sharing them with the world. Here is SideChef’s interesting list of features which are highly celebrated amongst cooking enthusiasts:


It's a personalized cooking app

Whether you are a vegan or a hard-core non-vegetarian, this app customizes your meals by taking into account your food choices. After logging into the account for the first time, you will be asked about your dietary choices as in whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or follow a low-carb diet.

The intelligent cooking app even asks you about any allergies or intolerance from particular ingredients that you may have, making this app stand apart from the rest of its kind. SideChef takes care of your diet priorities by taking into account your cooking goal as in whether you would want to follow a budget meal or a healthy diet.

The app also considers food items of your choice like beef, chicken or any other proteins or carbs that you may have a fetish for and also includes interesting options like 'Breakfast,' 'Asian' and so on.

SideChef App

Shop while cooking

Gone are the days when you would spend endless hours in the queue at your departmental store buying pounds of ingredients for preparing your favorite dinner.

SideChef app is a blessing for individuals who hate to shop at stores and working professionals who usually suffer from time restraints. This app lets you shop online for ingredients running short from your pantry from the comfort of your bed. You simply have to choose from an array of delicious dishes that you want to cook and add ingredients to your shopping list.

SideChef App Review

Host of recipes

SideChef is an app which has endless recipes in its repertoire based on the food choices you make. What's more, you can read the recipes in two ways. In a conventional way, there is the option of reading the recipe. There is also an offbeat way known as the 'Step-by-Step Mode' wherein the app reads aloud every step while you are busy cooking the recipe.

So, it's a hands-free method which is much welcome when you are in the process of stirring up some lip-smacking dishes. If you want to take a quick look at the list of ingredients, all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen.

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It’s a meal planner as well

If you are an organized mom who loves to meal plan for her kids, SideChef is a wonderful cooking app to start with. You can create specific diet-based food for breakfast, dinner or lunch with the help of SideChef’s fantastic 'Mealplan’ section. Also, within each recipe, there is an icon that lets you add recipes to your own meal plan when you tap it. This is one of the few cooking apps with a meal planner.

Overall, SideChef is a wonderful cooking app which lets you add and share recipes and also lets you meal plan all in one go. It has a plus feature of getting connected with Amazon Echo which simplifies your cooking experience altogether. Alexa will guide you with your recipes in a step-by-step mode at your command. SideChef can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users and is also compatible with the iOS platform.


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