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9 Signs It's Time to Break Up

by Kelly B.

Signs It's Time to Break Up, How Do I Know If It's Time to Break Up

Should You End Your Relationship?

Breaking up is not an easy thing to do, especially if you and your partner have been together for a significant amount of time. However, staying in a relationship sheerly because of a sense of loyalty will not do good to you or your partner. So, how can you decide if it’s time to call it quits? How can you know that it is time to let go? These signs it's time to break up will help you answer this question.

1. You No Longer Feel Happy

It is natural to feel lulls in your happiness meter when you are in a relationship, and you feel a bit down does not necessarily mean you should break up with your romantic partner. However, if your feelings of joy are too far, and in between, it could be time to break up. When you are in the right relationship, you will feel happy and fulfilled, but when you are not with the right person, it is difficult to be joyful.

Signs It's Time to Break Up

2. You Walk Around on Eggshells

Arguing in relationships help unveil disagreements and get past them, which is valuable for mutual growth. If your partner is constantly finding reasons to pick fights, it does nothing for your relationship. If you feel like you need to walk on eggshells because you fear your partner's reaction and you hide things just to avoid a fight, it is a sign to break up.

3. You Compromise Your Essence and Values

Your values are an important part of who you are, and you should never feel like you are compromising them. No person in a relationship should feel like they are giving up themselves to make the partnership work, so if you feel like you are, maybe it is time to break up.

4. You Fantasize About Being Apart from Your Partner

When you imagine yourself with your partner, what do you feel? Happy or burdened? And when you think about being apart from your partner, how do you feel? If you have fantasies about being apart from your other half, it is a red flag. Whether it is sexual fantasies or a general notion of not being with your romantic partner, you should examine how you feel about your relationship and how you feel about being out of it.

How Do I Know If It's Time to Break Up

5. You Feel Indifferent Towards Your Partner

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference; when you no longer care about how your partner feels, what he does during the day, or any other details about his life, you are probably no longer in love with your partner.

6. You Cannot Communicate with One Another

A relationship cannot survive without communication, on a basic level, at the very least. You and your partner should feel like you can talk to each other in a healthy manner about small and large issues, and if you can't do that, you are in for a rocky journey.

7. You Feel Bad About Yourself

Part of being human is having doubts about yourself and feeling insecure from time to time. So, you do not need outside voices making you feel even worse about yourself. Part of being in a relationship is getting emotional support from your partner, especially when you have self-doubts. You deserve to be with someone who affirms you and makes you feel good about yourself and not someone who adds to the negative things that you feel.

Break Up

8. You Make Excuses for Your Partner

Do you find yourself making excuses for your partner's behavior to yourself or your friends? If so, then you probably know what's next: you should break up. Excusing bad behavior has no place in a relationship – your partner is an adult and should act like one. If you find yourself constantly searching for reasons for how your partner is behaving, you should take a good hard look at your relationship and ask yourself if the other person is right for you.

9. You Cannot Find Good Ways to Work Things Out

This could be the final nail in your relationship coffin; you reflect on your relationship, find the problems that need fixing, and you just can't come up with solutions. You have tried everything that you can do, thought about every possible solution, and nothing seems right. If your relationship feels like a chore that has no end or an issue that you cannot seem to solve, it is probably time to step down.

Relationships are never easy, but in most cases, they are worth the effort. If you find yourself constantly struggling with your partner and your emotions, you should take a good hard look at your relationship. To help you make your decision, you should notice the signs it's time to break up and move on with your life. Sometimes it is the best thing to do, for you and your partner.


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