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Facebook Addiction Signs That You Need to Know

by Rick J.

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Signs of Facebook addiction

Social media has taken over our lives. For some of us, putting down that phone is quite difficult. We get a constant urge to check our accounts. For Facebook addicts, it is no different. Facebook has given us this wonderful opportunity to look into others life, what they share, what they think and where they have been. Even relationship status or adding a bio is great fun. If you are suspecting that you or a friend might be a Facebook addict, chances are you may not be wrong. Look for the following signs to know if you are a Facebook addict.

1. Waking up to the phone – It might not appear very unnatural to you, that you wake up on your phone. I mean, so does probably other members of your family as well! There is no denying the fact that checking what happened in other people's lives, what they shared or posted is fascinating information.

2. Facebook status – You give a lot of thought into planning your Facebook status not just that you keep updating or changing your status along with the daily activities that you undertake. Be it boarding a flight or eating out with friends; it is important for you to share with the rest of your friends.


3. Pets on Facebook – You love your pets. You feel a genuine urge that they also deserve to be on the social media. This perhaps gives you an extra share of time to spend on the platform. But, hey, you are doing it for your dear pet pals. From getting their pictures uploaded, you also keep updating your pet’s status, just like a good social media manager.

4. In the bathroom – Imagine how boring the bathroom can get if you were there just to mind your business. Thanks to Facebook, you can keep yourself busy while your business in the bathroom gets taken care of! There are many people who seem to enjoy bathroom time more, even frequent the bathroom often, to enjoy time alone with Facebook.

5. Love tedious commute – No matter how tiring your commute is to work, Facebook helps to keep your spirits high. Checking other people's photos, activities and shares give you a huge degree of relief to keep you calm and complete the journey. An added advantage is you can easily stay updated on who is doing what.
Facebook addiction signs

6. The battery sucker – Maybe you are not much into making the call, but your battery keeps running low. You might find out that it is nothing other than Facebook getting battery down. Mark Zuckerberg should have designed a better app that would run on low battery. Facebook lite gives you some relief.

7. Friends – Yup you love making friends, and you have 1000s of them on Facebook. How great is this kind of friendship, you can share each other’s world yet you do not have to keep in touch with all these people? You can decide your boundary on friendship making it such a convenience.

8. Anxiety on Facebook malfunction – If your Facebook stops suddenly, your heart skips the beat. You almost suffer from a nervous breakdown like the episode. You feel clueless as to what you can do with all your spare time.

9. Likes matter – You keep a constant track on who liked what or how many likes your posts are getting. You also like to plan your future posts keeping that in mind.

Blame your addiction to the fact that man is a social animal and social media helps us with networking. It has become an almost primal urge to stay connected all the time. Calling it an addiction may not do justice as it appears to be quite necessary to stay relevant in today’s world.

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