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What Is Slander? We Explain the Slander Definition

by Alvin V.

Slander Definition, Slander Vs. Libel

Learn the Slander Definition

Gossiping is an art that is not mastered by everyone. As human beings, we talk about each other knowingly or unknowingly hurting the other person. Have you ever harmed someone by speaking something untrue about them to someone else? Do you know what is slander? Can you define slander? What’s your understanding of Slander Vs. Libel? Are they one and the same? You will know what is slander when you define slander and understand slander meaning.

Slander Definition

We are often judged by what we speak about others. Our elders tell us to think before speaking and we fail to understand it until it is too late. We are either a victim of slander or have a slander lawsuit thrown upon us. What is slander? How do you define slander?

Slander definition is simple and easy to understand. As per the oxford dictionary, slander is defined as ‘the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.’ The slander definition helps you understand slander meaning. Slander simply means a false or damaging statement made about someone. Slander meaning can be more simplified when you define slander as a verbal or spoken version of defamation.

Slander Definition
Slander Vs. Libel, What Is the Difference?

Slander and libel are not the same. While slander is verbal defamation, libel is written or broadcast defamation. Slander Vs. Libel can be better understood with an example. While understanding Slander Vs. Libel, you must know that truth is an absolute defense to libel as well as slander.

Assume you made a false statement about a colleague and said he got drunk at a party and made a scene. Your colleague is at the risk of losing his job. Remember, it is a false accusation and you talk to every other colleague about it. That would be slander. If you post about this colleague in social media and mock him, it would be libel. Slander Vs. Libel, the difference is in how you defame a person, verbal or written/broadcast.

Slander, libel, and defamation are all different from one other. While slander is a spoken false statement, libel is either written or broadcasted. Defamation can be either spoken, broadcasted, or written. Since written and broadcasted statements last longer than spoken words, libel causes more harm.

Slander Vs. Libel

What Is Slander Lawsuit?

What is slander? How does it affect you? Is slander lawsuit punishable? What constitutes as a slander lawsuit? A slander definition can take you as much as understanding the slander meaning. But when someone makes a false statement, that injures the reputation of another, the victim is entitled to pursue compensation for any resulting damages.

Slander is a form of or a subcategory of defamation that can result in a lawsuit. It falls under the legal category of personal injury. Before you file a lawsuit against someone, you must determine whether the slander occurred. To do so, you must,

  • Determine whether the statement made was true or false. A true statement cannot be slanderous, no matter how mean and awful it is.
  • Sometimes an opinion can be misunderstood to be a statement and hence you must also determine whether the statement was an opinion.
  • Prove that the statement was published, meaning there was a third party who heard the statement other than you and the person who made the statement.
  • Show that your reputation was injured by the false statement.
  • Determine whether the statement is protected or privileged.

There are several other constraints that you must look into to ensure that you are a victim of slander and that your case holds strong in court. Once you have established that you are a victim of slander, you must hire an attorney and prepare a complaint after which you can file a slander lawsuit.


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