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Slotomania Slot Games Review!

by Goni S.

Slotomania, Slotomania Review

Slotomania Review and Information 

Those of you who like playing online games are probably familiar with online casinos where you can play for virtual money or real money. There are thousands of online gambling websites these days, so you have to be careful which one you use. One of the most popular sites in the online slot's games world is Slotomania where you can win big "money" playing slots. Before you start playing, you should read this Slotomania review that will help you decide whether it's the right gambling website for you.

Slotomania Overview

Slotomania was launched in 2010 Playtika, and after it gained popularity, the company was sold to Caesars Interactive Entertainment. The unique slots games on Slotomania are more than just gambling games – they are social games that allow you to interact with other players on social media sites, like Facebook. As of today, Slotomania has millions of registered players that keep coming back for more. Slotomania operates an online casino and also an app that includes traditional casino games (slots, poker, craps) with a social twist. With the social connection, you will be able to choose multi-player games where you will compete against other people, just like in Vegas.


Slotomania Slots

One of the most popular games on Slotomania is the slots, and it's no surprise as to why that is; both the PC and the mobile versions of the slots on Slotomania feature amazing graphics that make the experience as life-like as can be. The flashy slots' design on Slotomania makes the game fun, and it draws players straight into the virtual world. The developers on Slotomania made sure the Vegas experience does not stop from the moment you log into to your account to the moment you sign out; going into Slotomania is followed by piggy banks, showers of coins, jackpots, and other surprising treats along the way.

Slotomania Mobile Games

If you want to play Slotomania games on the go, you can easily do it with the company's mobile app. The app is available for the vast majority of mobile platforms, so iOS, Android, Windows, and even Amazon mobile device users will be able to play slots wherever they want. The one platform that Slotomania does not support is Blackberry OS, so if you have a Blackberry, you probably won't be able to play Slotomania slots.

Aside from regular slots, you can also take part in tournaments on Slotomania. When you enter a tournament game, you will be automatically awarded 10,000 coins you can use to unlock the first slot machine in the tournament, which is called Farm Fortune. During the game, you can earn money and win the tournament. But to make it clear – Slotomania does not offer real money slots – the social media slots are played for virtual coins, so you will not lose or win any real money.

Slotomania Review

Now, let's get back on track; those of you who like slots games can enjoy more than 140 versions of it on Slotomania. Each game has several levels and stages you can pass, each having its own thrills. 40 of the 140 games on Slotomania are found in the Sloto Classic Tab, and the remaining 400 are found in the system's main lobby, and they are unlockable.

Slotomania Deposits & Withdrawals

While the coins you play for on Slotomania are not real, you still need a bank to manage them. When you sign up on Slotomania and start playing slots, you will earn a lot of coins, so you might not always need to ask for more. However, if you start playing regularly, you will win coins and you will lose coins, so the bank is a must. If you need more coins as you progress in the games, you can use the "bank" on Slotomania, which is a micro-transaction system that is embedded in the app. To get extra coins, you can pay for them with each sum giving you a different amount of coins. If you use boosters to advance in the game, you will also need to pay for them.

Slotomania app

Slotomania Bonuses and Slotomania Review

One great thing about Slotomania is that you get rewards and bonuses right of the bat. To start the game, you are given 10,000 coins, which are a great starting point. As you advance in the games, you will be rewarded with experience points and extra coins whenever you unlock a new level. Other bonuses on Slotomania include casino bonuses every 3 hours, re-spins, free spins, sticky wilds, status points, loyalty program, leveling up with extra coins, jackpots, and other fun surprises.

So, the bottom line of this Slotomania review is that the app and website are definitely recommended. Those of you who want to do something fun to pass the time, you can enjoy everything that Slotomania has to offer. The design, variety of slots games, and user experience all get an A, so you are in for a treat with Slotomania.   


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