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Social Media Search: How to Find People's Different Social Media Accounts?

by Toni S.

Social Media Search, Social Media Username Search

What is Social Media Search?

The past decade has marked the rise of one of the most influential online platforms – social media. Facebook, which started out as a little-known social site, that was intended for students who wanted to exchange photos, became the largest social media platform, eventually purchasing Instagram and becoming a global influencer.

Thanks to the rapid evolution of social media sites and apps, you are now able to find out a great deal of information about people. However, how can you be certain that the social media information that someone gave you is accurate? How can you find people's social media accounts? And how can you know if a person has more than one account in each site? Here is how!

Social Media Search

How Can a Social Media Search Help You?

The most important way a social media search can help you is with finding information about people in your life; if you want to learn more about someone that you met on a dating app, for instance, you can search for their name on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

A social media search can also be helpful in cases where you think someone might be leading a double life. For example, if the same person you met on a dating app seems to be lying to you, it is possible to check whether your suspicions are true with a social media search; with this type of query, you are able to discover if certain people have several social media accounts, which may indicate that they are lying about their marital status, their appearance, their identity, and more.

Social Media Username Search
How to Perform a Social Media Search?

If you want to discover if someone that you know has different social media account (for instance, several Facebook profiles), you can do the following:

Try the social media itself – you can try and find the person that you are looking for in different social media sites by typing in their name into the directory. However, if someone is using aliases, you will not find much in social media because you will need all the aliases to track down the accounts.

Use search engines – you can also use Google and other search engines to perform a social media search. When doing so, type in the name of the person in question plus the term "social media accounts". For instance: "Karen Smith Social Media Accounts". That way, you will be able to find the social media accounts that are associated with the individual that you are looking for. When trying out search engines, you will likely receive thousands, if not more, search results. Luckily, there is one more way to perform a social media search and get quick and accurate results.

People search websites – social media accounts are associated with people's names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other personal details. So, by searching a  person based on an identifying detail, you will be able to track down their various social media accounts. GoLookUp, for instance, provides full access to public records, which allows you to find people's social media accounts online and without having to spend hours going through thousands of search results. To perform a social media search with GoLookUp, you can use a reverse phone number search/reverse address search/reverse email search/name-based people search.

online Social Media Search
Once the search engine on the website completes the search, you will a complete public records search report that includes, among other information, social media accounts that are registered to the person that you have questions about.

Social media can reveal a great deal about people, especially if they have several accounts on the same social media platforms. With GoLookUp's social media search services, you will be able to quickly find social media info and discover who in your life may be dishonest with you.  


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