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South Carolina Child Custody Laws

by Chris A.

South Carolina Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws in South Carolina

South Carolina Child Custody Laws

When two people marry in the state of South Carolina, they get equal rights in everything, from owning a house together to having equal decisions when deliberating about raising their child together. However, if the two plan on getting a divorce, this equation of equality can undergo a drastic change. According to the child custody laws in South Carolina, sole custody will always remain with the mother unless she is emotionally, mentally, or physically abusive to the child. However, if the father wants custody, he will have to fight for his right in court.

Deciding child custody is a matter of great emotions, as both parents would love to have custody of the child. In addition to this, it becomes quite expensive for both parties as well. According to child custody laws in South Carolina, it is always preferred by courts that parents work out custodial battles between themselves, taking legal counsel from lawyers if to settle the case if they so require. However, if the two parents are not being able to agree on anything, then the case will have to be taken to court. However, once the judges take a decision with regards to the custody of the child, the parents will have no other option but to adhere completely to the order of the court.

South Carolina Child Custody Laws

Child Custody Laws in South Carolina

According to the child custody laws in South Carolina, if a parent gets sole custody of their child, they will be responsible for every decision, whether it be minor or major. These decisions include figuring out their living arrangement, their religious affiliation, their medical records, the school that they will go to, and being responsible for their insurance information.

Child Custody laws also state that neither parent will have the automatic custody of the child, even though the first preference will always be given to the mother. The courts encourage the parents to honestly introspect in their lives, and answer for sure if they are capable enough to carry out all the decisions that are related to the upbringing of a child, including being able to provide for them emotionally as well as physically.

In addition to this, the child custody law prohibits a parent to state that the other is ‘unfit’ to carry out the duties of a mother. This aspect can only apply if a parent has a debilitating mental or physical condition, which will hamper the healthy living of the child. Once again, according to South Carolina child custody laws, this is for the courts to decide- not the parents.

Child Custody Laws in South Carolina
Visitation Rights in South Carolina

According to the South Carolina child custody laws, the parent who does not get child custody will have full access to visit the child. The courts will never stop a parent from visiting their offspring unless it is presumed that they are mentally, physically, or emotionally harming the child and are not conducive to the growth of the child into a healthy adult. According to child custody law, children are much better off when they know that they have two parents, and both of them care for and love the child equally. It does not bode well in the interests of the child for the state to determine whether or not one parent should be included in their upbringing. The child knows who their best role models are, and they need both their parents to achieve a healthy ascent into adulthood. However, if a parent refuses to comply with the orders of the court, or will refuse to pay child support, then they will be subject to severe punishment by the court.


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