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Springfield Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Ethel M.

Springfield Police Departments, City of Springfield Police Department

Springfield Police Departments Information

The Police Department has the great responsibility of protecting the citizens and the Springfield Police Department leaves no stones unturned to protect their city from fraud, felony, criminal encounters, and other suspicious activities. Along with the Massachusetts state police c3 teams, the Springfield Police Departments have established a great network comprising of 500 sworn officers that are approximately 420 patrol officers and 80 supervisors. The present commissioner of the City of Springfield Police Department is Acting Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood and he is appointed by Mayor Domenic J. Sarno on February 2019.

General Information

The mission of Springfield Police is to provide public safety and improve the quality of life of the citizens in the city of Springfield and nearby. The police team works seamlessly to promote equality and create a cohesive bond between the citizens and law keepers so that the city can be peaceful with reduced crime rate and increased provides latest information on the Springfield crimes and residents can subscribe to the Springfield police department (SPD) and can receive crime alerts on their smartphone.

Along with protecting the peace of the city, the city of Springfield Police Department has created avenues for law-abiding citizens to partake in community activities namely:
  1. The Community meetups
  2. Team SPD where-in interested citizens can be a part of the community-oriented law enforcement agency and wear the badge of honor
  3. Community policing activities etc.
Springfield Police Departments

C3 – Counter Criminal Continuum policing

C3 Taskforce is one of the biggest achievements of the Springfield Police department. The most important goal of C3 policing is:

  • To create a safe and secure environment for citizens
  • To promote a community relationship with local residents
  • Includes state police, community leaders and local youth in their team
  • Reduces street groups and gang activities
  • Establish effective parenting programs to help in creating youth who are responsible and not malicious

In Springfield, the C3 policing effort is split into four geographical locations across the city and the sergeants and officers will operate continuously in different day-off groups. The team uses community meetings, bike patrols, walkathons, etc. to spread awareness among citizens.

Interesting activities

To improve the relationship between the patrolling officers and citizens, there are events organized like
  1. Coffee with cops
  2. Sports events
  3. Community picnics etc.
The C3 troopers encourage more citizens to actively participate in these enriching events. The four sectors of C3 policing are:
  1. North End C3
  2. Mason Square C3
  3. Forest Park C33
  4. South End C3
City of Springfield Police Department

Contact Information

The Springfield Police Department address is: 

130 Pearl Street

Springfield, MA 01105

Contact Phone Numbers 

Emergencies only: 911

Non-emergency matters: (413)787-6302


Community Police Liaison: (413)787-6359

Media Inquiries: (413)735-1571

Springfield Police Department Email address can be obtained by reaching out to the Springfield request center at 311@SpringfieldCityHall.


Nowadays every service has a digital interface. The Springfield police have upgraded their operations to an online platform. Their website is wherein you can get information about the department, the community policing, crime information, the different forms, and applications, community meeting spot, training division details, etc.

The Springfield Police Department runs special service squads for containing domestic violence, street fights, and detective services and all this information is available at the above website. There are also online tools and mobile phone applications (iOS and Android versions) available that can connect you to the Springfield Request center at any point of time from where you can obtain more information about the Springfield Police Department. You can also reach the SPD through their social media handlers.


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