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SpyFly Review: Website Review, Pricing, Features and Opt Out Information

by Robert C.

SpyFly Review, Review, SpyFly

SpyFly Review: Everything You Need to Know About SpyFly!

If 72% of employers run a background check for people they hire, it is now common to run a background check on acquaintance and people who surround your family. Would you be surprised to hear that 70 million Americans or one in three adults have a criminal record? You may have a few surprises!

While running a background check, you'll access to various information that you won't find on Google, such as criminal records, sex offender records, legal working status, social security information, driving records, education records, credit reports, bankruptcy records, court records, drug test records, military records, incarceration records, property ownership and much more. is one of these websites that provide background check information on anyone in the U.S. Is SplyFly a robust option? How much it costs? It is a trustworthy website? How to opt-out? Find out with our review!


SpyFly General Information and Numbers

SpyFly describes itself as a sturdy database with millions of consumer records containing over a billion pieces of accurate information. SpyFly has one motto: provide a fast, easy and safe website for people to find and learn the truth about anyone. You no longer need to run from an authority office to another to get accurate information, it's all compiled here online, accessible just one click ahead. Undeniably, quicker, cheaper and way more simple than it used to be!

SpyFly Online Services offers one type of Public Records search that provides one complete report including full name, age & DOB, phone number, current address, address history, property value, relatives, neighbors, criminal check, judgment & liens, businesses, licenses, felonies, misdemeanors, mugshots, and sexual offenses. To perform a search, you will have to enter a first name and last name as well as to select a state. Then, if there is a relevant result, you'll be asked to create an account.

Once you subscribe, in addition to unlimited searches and reports, you will also have the opportunity to monitor public records on 4 individuals. Some other websites enable unlimited monitoring alerts. An additional appreciable feature is the " monitoring area" feature which will enable you to receive alerts when a sex offender registers in the selected area.


How SpyFly Works was founded in 2014 with the desire to give their customers the opportunity to know the truth about anyone. The headquarters of SpyFly is located in Goleta, CA, yet, the company has team members all over the U.S. In accordance with The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), SpyFly compiles billions of public records into a single interface. Cutting edge technology is behind the service provided, in order to provide their customers with up-to-date information and keep you and your family absolutely safe and always in the know.

Start using SpyFly by entering a first name and last name in the search bar and select a state. A list of results will then appear. If duplications appear, you can identify the right person by complementary information such as the age. Once you identify the report you'd like to download, the next step will be to create an account and choose a subscription or the 7-day trial to pursue and to be able to access the report. Prices

SpyFly works with different types of monthly subscriptions, with a monthly price decreasing, the more important the selected period is. There are different types of monthly plans as well as a 7-day membership and a 7-day trial:

  • A 7-day membership for a $2.99 - one-time billing option.
  • A 1 month of unlimited searches for $29.97.
  • A 3-month plan will cost you $39.97.
  • A 6-month plan of $49.97.
  • A 1-year plan of $59.98.
There's also a 7-day trial offered for a very low fee, which is between $1 to $2. During these 7 days, you can run unlimited background checks. If you choose to keep your membership beyond the 7-day trial, you'll be automatically charged for a monthly membership. If you cancel before, no monthly charge will occur.


How to Opt-Out of SpyFly?

You can totally choose to opt-out of SpyFly, public information will still be public but they will not appear on SpyFly. How? It's quite simple, you'll be asked to verify your identity by completing the form on this page. Fill with your first name, last name, and email address. A confirmation will be sent to your email address.

You can also choose to remove your information from being displayed on SpyFly's search results by sending an email to Include your first and last name, age, current address, and previous addresses.

If the identity verification process is successful, then you'll receive a copy of your consumer information contained in SpyFly's systems within 30 days. If unsuccessful, you'll receive a message indicating they have been unable to match your name and email address to a record in the system.

SpyFly Review – the Bottom Line

According to the reviews published on, people are most satisfied with the service.

"Really useful, very accurate service. Found a person that could not be found with any other service."

A must in today’s dating world. This easy to use site gives accurate current information without hidden charges."

"Thorough up to date, accurate. I recommend this service. No hidden fees to get more details."

According to the Better Business Bureau, gets a grade A, which is a very good score. Yet, some people complained about the difficulty to cancel the membership after the 7-day trial or the difficulty of opt-out records from the database. The one-time payment for a 7-day trial seems like the best option to try the website and see if this is what you are looking for. 

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