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SpyFly People Search: People Search Service by SpyFly. How Does SpyFly People Search Work?

by Massiva A.

SpyFly People Search, People Search SpyFly
Everything You Need to Know About SpyFly People Search

Find information that is not available on Google and have access to all official information held by the government, isn't it an attractive proposition? Some background checks and people search for specialized sites offer you this opportunity. With just a name, you can search all over the country and have access to countless information. is one of them. We explain everything you need to know about and its People Search service, how does SpyFly work, SpyFly costs, and background check services. Read on! Overview 

SpyFly is a website specialized in Public Records Search containing over a billion pieces of accurate documents. You can easily run a people search that will lead you to plenty of information on the individual of your choice. A People Search includes personal information such as residential history, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. as well as financial history (bankruptcies, judgments, liens, UCC filings), legal and lifestyle data such as arrests, warrants, career details, permits & licenses.

With all this information, it is quite easy to draw up an overall picture of a person and learn more about someone that surrounds us. The company is based in California and holds an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

SpyFly People Search

How Does Gather Information uses powerful and cutting-edge technology to aggregate and store billions of public records that are available to the public, according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). People can then consult them through an easy-to-use interface. SpyFly has also created personal protection tools to keep you and your family safe from sexual predators and other criminals.

The public records gathered on the website are all available to the public, which means that without using a service such as SpyFly, you could request them one by one, by going to the relevant office, submit a request, file a form and pay a processing fee. Though, SpyFly makes it way easier, cheaper and uncomplicated to find all the records that you wish, with a few clicks and dollars.

SpyFly People Search Features and Services allows us to find and learn the truth about each other by providing easy access to public records. The different features and services of are the following:

Personal Information -
A search will give you all the personal details of the person concerned, including residential history, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Arrest Records Search - An arrest records search will show all the arrests of a person and will show if the arrest is a drug or alcohol-related offense, a traffic-related offense, a business violation crime, theft or robbery. Note that an arrest record does not mean that the person is guilty but only suspected. Arrest records include information such as charges or offenses, the arrest date, and place, the name of the court involved, etc.

Court Records Search - The court records search will screen multiple court systems across the country in order to provide all court records available through national, state or municipal databases, that are related to the person in question.

Criminal Records Search - A criminal records search can consist of arrest records, court records, conviction records and warrants. It will also include (if existing) a list of felony and misdemeanor crimes. It means that you can discover if a person has already been in jail, if the person is on parole, or if there is an active warrant, and much more.

Driving Records Search - A driving records search will allow you to check the driving records of a person and have insightful information such as civil and criminal traffic violations they might have, etc.

SpyFly People Search

Felony Records Search - Felony records allows people to know if a person has been convicted for a crime and if he has been found guilty of a crime.

Jail Records Search - With a jail records search, you will have access to information held by prison services. This includes knowing what crimes led to prison, for how long, where, as well as to obtain mugshots.

Phone Records Search - With a name, you can potentially find a phone number. Interesting when you want to reconnect with a lost relative or an old friend! With a phone records search, you will be able to find all ways to get in contact with someone.

Police Records Search - The police records search will screen all the U.S. and see if a police record has been issued in any institution of the country. The search will connect to all national, state and municipal databases to find any piece of information related to this individual. Pricing

SpyFly works with different types of monthly subscriptions, with a monthly price decreasing, the more important the selected period is. There are different types of monthly plans as well as a 7-day membership and a 7-day trial:

  • A 7-day membership for a $2.99 - one-time billing option.
  • A 1 month of unlimited searches for $29.97.
  • A 3-month plan will cost you $39.97.
  • A 6-month plan of $49.97.
  • A 1-year plan of $59.98.

There's also a 7-day trial offered for a very low fee, which is between $1 to $2. During these 7 days, you can run unlimited background checks. If you choose to keep your membership beyond the 7-day trial, you'll be automatically charged for a monthly membership. If you cancel before, no monthly charge will occur.

SpyFly People Search Contact Information

If for some reason you need to get in touch with, you can reach them in a few ways:
  • By calling 1-800-831-9235 or 1-800-301-5816 or 1-800-349-9058 - You can call Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 9 pm PT.
  • Email via the web form - Reach them by using the web form available on the website.
  • By Mail -, 1804 Garnet Avenue, Suite 409, San Diego, CA 92109, USA. Review

SpyFly has established itself as a sturdy People Search Service. The platform is easy to use, pleasant and leads us to a full and exhaustive report after a few clicks. Based on customer reviews, the services are satisfactory. The only negative point mentioned in these reviews is sometimes the difficulty of canceling your subscription. Overall, SpyFly is a great place to look for information and you will be provided with accurate and precious information about anyone in the United States!

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