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Idaho Public Records

The state of Idaho, that resides in the northwestern part of the USA, is home to 1,716,943 Americans. The vital records of all the citizens of Idaho are kept by the Vital Records Unit of the Bureau of Vital Records and Health. The records include birth records, death records, marriage records and divorce records that are kept by said unit. The state's birth and death records date back to 1911, and the marriage and death records of Idaho residents have been kept since 1947. There is a restriction on birth records in Idaho allowing only relatives to get certificates a 100 years after the birth of an individual. The same restriction applies to death records, marriage records and divorce records, but only to 50 years after issuing the certificates.

Idaho Crime Rates and Criminal Records

The crime rate in Idaho reaches 1,959 crimes committed per every 100,000 citizens. The criminal records of all offenders in Idaho are kept by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) that also monitors crime statistics in the state. The number of prisoners in Idaho is 10,604 inmates in prisons and jails, and the number of prisons in the state, as of today, is 10 with an added 4 community work centers.

Idaho Economy

As of 2015, the two largest cities in Idaho by population size were Boise, with a population of 205,671 Inhabitants, and Nampa, with 81,557 Inhabitants. The median household income on Boise is $50,323, in Nampa the number is $40,060 and the Gross state product for 2015 was $64.9 billion. The state's major industries mix traditional ones with emerging industries that include aerospace, manufacturing, food production, computer technology, energy and tourism that account for most of the state's revenue stream.

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