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Iowa Public Records

Bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and also the Missouri River on the west, the state of Iowa is home to 3,134,693 Americans. Vital records of the people in Iowa are held by the Bureau of Health Statistics at the Iowa Department of Public Health. There are many restrictions on the Public Records in Iowa, such as Birth Records, Death records, Marriage Records and Death Records, and not all of them can be accessed when desired. Birth records, marriage records and death certificates from the years 1921-1941 are unavailable to the public.

Iowa Crime Rate and Criminal Records

The Iowa crime rate is 2,330 violent and property crimes per every 100,000 residents. There are no private prisons in Iowa, but only state run correctional facilities with 9 major adult facilities across the state. The total number of offenders held in both jails and prisons across Iowa is 12,826 as of 2015. The Criminal Records of offenders are kept by the Criminal History Record Dissemination Unit in Iowa that does not accept requests to disclose the records via email or phone. Pending court cases are held by District Courts that have different divisions based on the type of crime and the age of the offender who committed it.

Iowa Economy

The two largest cities in Iowa by population size are Des Moines, with a population of 215,472 citizens, and Cedar Rapids, with a population of 131,127 residents. The median household income in Des Moines is $46,290 and $53,581 in Cedar Rapids. There are 5 major industries in Iowa that account for the state's major income and revenue stream and they are: agriculture and food production, manufacturing, information & communications technology, renewable energy and also warehousing and distribution.

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