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How to Stop your Dog From Destructive Chewing?

by David V.

Destructive chewing, Stop your dog from destructive chewing

Stop Your Dog from Destructive Chewing

Chances are your puppy chews everything and make a trail of destruction in its wake time. The animal chews not only the furniture but also your favorite pair of shoes. Do not worry as a solution is at hand. You can stop your dog from chewing everything if you adopt the right methods.

Dogs chew on random things due to three reasons: teething of the concerned puppy, separation anxiety, and boredom. Chewing everything is natural behavior to young and growing dogs. Puppies love to explore, and chewing objects is one of many techniques to do so. The problems begin when your puppy decides to nibble on the brand new curtains or the lumpy sofa. It is not the fault of the animal. Teething means it will chew on anything and everything within its grasp. Do note that if an adult dog starts to do the same, it is a kind of destructive behavior. A bored or anxious dog channel its energy into chewing.

Destructive chewing

The First Months

Puppies are cute, and when it is the matter of training, you will have a hard time to do so. These range excess barking to passing stool on the bed. Trouble may follow your adorable dog. Add the chewing to this mix, and you will be forced to spend all your free time trying your best learning the techniques of discipline puppies.

A puppy may chew if it's baby teeth erupt or permanent teeth are substituting the teeth. The needle-like small teeth come out when the dog is about three weeks to eight weeks old-the time the dog will nip you. Canines stop teething when reaching any age between four months to six months. By that time, all milk teeth are substituted by their adult ones.

Stop your dog from destructive chewing

Since your puppy is chewing as its gums are inflamed from teething, the best method to stop your puppy from chewing your favorite possessions is to redirect its attention to something else. The dog should chew its toy instead of your socks. It is a good idea to buy a few dog chew toys which will offer a better chew target from your perspective. When your puppy chews something which they should not then take that away, and replace it with a toy.

Repeatedly doing the same will let the dog know it is not a good idea to chew anything other than its toys. It is an excellent idea to puppy-proof the home. The house will suffer minimal damage during the puppy training period. Buy a pet camera to know what your dog does in the home when you are absent. Your dog will also know when you want.


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