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Taurus Zodiac Sign: Everything You Need to Know!

by Robert R.

Taurus, Taurus Zodiac Sign, Zodiac Taurus

Zodiac Signs: Taurus - What Does Your Sign Mean

Meet the ruler of the second house of the zodiac signs a Taurus. If there is one thing that a Taurus yearns for, it is rewards. Everything from physical pleasures, to delicious excesses, is his rewards. At the same time, a Taurus is tactile and savors tenderness. Being as materialistic as he is, comfort is the top priority. Surrounded by worldly pleasures, a Taurus feels at home where there is the best service.

Element, Symbol, Planet, and Quality

Taurus is an Earth sign and those born under the sun sign are practical and pragmatic. They have an eye to see events from a practical and grounded perspective. Till the completion of a task, a Taurus will follow-up to gauge the turn of events. So much so, that a Taurus is content with sticking on to the same project for years just to see the outcome. Sometimes, their commitment to work comes off as stubbornness. Give them a task and step back because a Taurus will complete the task. But, don’t ask him to follow a set path.

Taurus is symbolized by the wandering Bull who was wrongly betrayed by his best companion Goddess Hera. The Bull was cursed to wander on Earth in search of his freedom. A bull comes with an unyielding personality. If you rub them the wrong way or even force them to see an alternate perspective, expect things to come to a halt. You don't cajole a bull to change its course without getting hurt! On the positive side, bulls are practical and reliable.

 Ruled by the Goddess of seduction Venus, a Taurus is enthralled by beauty and pretty things. He appreciates a work of art and either put it on display at home or takes in the experience. Their lifestyle may seem grandeur, but a Taurus will not live without beauty surrounding him, be it in the form of a fast automobile or a yacht.   

Quality and personality of a Taurus are balanced: there is a negative for every positive. While he is generous, dependable and down-to-earth, he is frugal, lazy and self-indulgent. 

Taurus People Search

Taurus man

He may look tough and burly but remember that he is ruled by Venus. There is passion burning in him but camouflaged by his tough exterior. A typical Taurus would rather sit quietly away from the noise and just be himself than be in the bullring fighting. He is a lover and the flashes of a fighter rarely cross his face. Taurus men are easy to get along save the few stubborn ones. At the same time, he is not for changes. He is a constant being and would rather wait and see how things unfurl than change. In all things related to work and love, a Taurus is slow and steady. Women who seek a strong, generous and loyal man will find it in a Taurus. If you want his attention, throw the subtle moves out of the window. A Taurus man will take an interest when you make an obvious move.

Taurus woman

There is an Earth mama for you! She chases beauty and is not the one to stay behind the lines. Her indulgences can sometimes become hedonistic. She has a fine taste in all things materialistic. She is a hard worker but knows how to throw her feet up and relax. A Taurus woman has a soft spot for romance. Court her slowly and she will jump the boat with you. For her, jumping into a relationship is a mistake. She would rather take her time to appreciate the small details. 


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