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How Technology Negatively Affects Our Lives

by Garry S.

How Technology Negatively Affects Our Lives

The Negative Impact of Technology

In this modern world, technology has started to change our lives like never before. There is hardly any family in the US that does not own a computer or laptop or smartphone or even a television set. These devices simplify our lives and were created to serve mankind.

However, these very same devices have also negatively impacted our lives physically as well as socially. Technology is also harming our mental health, especially when we are overexposed to technology. Here is a brief look at the negative way that technology is affecting us.

Social skills are being impaired

Use of technology is reducing our social skills. Today, business people are conducting their meetings over Skype, and children prefer messaging over face-to-face encounters. Although it may seem that technology is bringing us together, in fact, it has the opposite effect.

How Technology Negatively Affects Our Lives
Replacing real-life communications with online communication is leading to social quarantine. Thus, instead of developing strong bonds, we are entering shallow friendships over social networks, and this is impairing our social skills.

Lack of quality education

The Internet lets us find information quickly. It is all too simple to use Google to find information. Thus, few people find it necessary to visit a local library to find the information they want. However, making such use of technology does not guarantee exposure to high-quality education.

Overuse of technology is impairing our learning processes. Children are falling prey to the temptation of plagiarizing and cheating, and at the same time, their critical thinking abilities are declining. Instead of doing their homework, kids are becoming more preoccupied with entertaining themselves online. They are not able to focus their attention at their lessons. Worse still, young children are finding it hard to resist impulsive behavior.

How Technology Negatively Affects Communication

Health concerns

Technology has also led to a rise in obesity. When we choose to absorb ourselves with our laptops, we are more likely to order snacks online. We also do not exercise enough, and we tend to keep late hours. Sitting for longer durations in front of your laptop or PC leads to poor blood circulation, and it also causes neck pain and back pain.

The sedentary lives we lead are the reason why our backbones have become curved because of wrong postures. Use of gadgets also causes tendonitis in the thumb. Listening to loud music can and does cause loss of hearing and ringing in the ears.

Online risks

Technology has exposed us to many new risks. Kids, in particular, are very vulnerable and about 33 percent of young children said they were being bullied online. The internet has also resulted in a greater number of sex crimes.

How Does Technology Affect Our Health Negatively
Thirty-nine percent of teenagers say they have sent text messages, and about fifty percent of them have received words containing nudity. The Internet has also spawned cybercrime, and it has also become easy today to get hold of someone’s personal information and misuse it.

Less sleep

Last but not least, technology has negatively impacted our lives by causing a decline in the quality and quantity of hours slept. The glare from our gadgets will negatively impact a chemical that causes sleep. Thus, the more we use technology, the more likely it is that it will negatively impact our sleep patterns.

Overall, it creates a decline in our general health. The worst part is an addiction to technology ruins our health as well as social life. It is also the cause of the destruction of social bonds as well as family bonds. This addiction makes us suffer from chronic Smartphone Stress, which is a severe mental problem that is caused by anxiety about receiving and not receiving messages or emails. This disease causes stress and even depression.


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