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Tennessee Child Custody Laws

by Kourtney C.

Tennessee Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws in Tennessee

What are the Tennessee Child Custody Laws?

In Tennessee, the family court awards the parents either sole or joint custody for the child according to the Tennessee Child Custody Laws. The judges always take a decision for child custody considering the best interest of a child and they also take decision allowing grandparent’s visitation rights.

The Procedure to Determine the Child Custody in Tennessee

Generally, all the family courts of different states encourage parents to make an essential agreement for their child custody on their own by following the Child Custody Laws in Tennessee. When parents cannot establish an agreement to solve the issues concerning the custody of their child, they appear to the family court to get the right solution for their child custody according to the Child Custody Law. The family courts of Tennessee have the power to award involved with care, control, and custody of the child to one of the parents or both of the parents. If the court determines that one patent behaves unruly willfully to his or her child for a minimum period of 18 months, that parent will not be allowed to involve with the child frequently. The court will allow that parent only for limited visitation rights.

Tennessee Child Custody Laws

Important Factors to take a Decision for Child Custody in Tennessee

In Tennessee, the judges of family courts always take the decision concerning the child custody thinking about some important factors and these factors are as follows.
  • They think about the child’s choice and wishes when they are sufficiently matured to provide his or her opinion.
  • The stability of the present home, community, health condition, school concerning the child and also the disruption with the changes factors related to child custody are considered by the judges.
  • They consider whether the child will be able to make an adjustment with the environment of home, school or community.
  • Their decision for the child custody always based on the judgment parent’s ability to fulfill the requirements of their child such as education, food, medicine, religious thought and so on.
  • They also judge whether the parents have willful encouragement to maintain the relationship between another parent and the child.
  • They also take detail information for the existence of domestic violence, negligence, abuse of child or substance previously.
  • They also consider the child’s preference to stay with the agreement made for the custody or visitation schedule.
  • They always support the child custody agreement which is advantageous for the child according to the Child Custody Laws in Tennessee.
Child Custody Laws in Tennessee

The Factors related to Child Relocation in Case of Child Custody in Tennessee

When one of the parents decides to relocate for a distance of more than 100 miles, he or she will have to inform at least 60 days before the relocation to another parent. The family court will judge the factors which will be mentioned within the information notice given by one of the parents for relocation. He or she will mention the factors such as the reason for the relocation, new residential address, explanation of a statement so that another parent can object to the relocation within the time period of 30 days.
The court will judge the relocation considering several factors according to the Child Custody Law and these factors are as follows.
  • The continuation and stability of the child’s life due to the relocation including the child’s new school, home, and community.
  • When the child is matured enough to judge the effect of relocation on his or her education, environment and mental health, the child’s preference plays an important role to judge the factors by the court.
The proceedings of child custody are generally an emotional issue to the parents and they also want to make an agreement for child custody by satisfying the best interest of their child and also Tennessee Child Custody Laws.


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