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Tennessee Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Garry S.

Register to Vote Tennessee, Tennessee Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Tennessee?

There is a deadline to register to vote in the state of Tennessee, which is thirty days before Election Day. The article will make you familiar with all the information required to be familiar with how to register to vote in Tennessee.

Eligibility for voting

  • A person has to be an American citizen
  • Should be at least 18-year-old before or on the Election day
  • Should be a legal resident of the state of Tennessee
  • Voters should provide their SSN or Social Security Number on the application for Voter Registration form for proper identification, as well as, to prevent duplicate registration
  • In case a person has been convicted of any felony, his/her eligibility to vote and register will be depending on the kind of crime they were convicted of along with their conviction date
Register to Vote Tennessee

 Tennessee-Register to vote

There are different ways a person can register to vote. Check them out below:

  1. Use the online method for registering to vote

You can go online to register yourself to vote conveniently and can even update your voter registration details. The online system enables the citizens of the United States of America to use their valid photo identification or Driver's License online to register o vote in Tennessee.

  1. In writing/by mail: Download the voter registration application form, take a print out, and fill it up. It can then be mailed to your concerned county election commission.
  2. In-person

Collect a voter registration application form in person. You can do so at any of the following places:

  • Register of Deeds Offices
  • Public Libraries
  • Offices of County Clerk
  • Offices of County Election Commission

Tennessee-Qualifications for an absentee ballot

A registered voter should belong to any one of the categories listed below to vote by a mail-in Tennessee:

  • The spouse of the voter or the voter is a full-time student enrolled in one of the accredited universities or colleges outside the country where their votes where registered;
  • The voter is expected to be outside the county where they recorded on the entire election day;
  • The voter lives in a licensed facility that offers permanent domiciliary care apart from a penal institution, which is outside his/her county of residence;
  • A licensed physician of the voter has given a written intimation to the county election commission mentioning that the voter is not fit to go and cast their vote physically;
Tennessee Register to Vote
  • Inability to be present physically as a voter as he/she will be a juror for a state or a federal court on Election Day;
  • The voter is physically disabled, ill, or hospitalized and as such will be unable to vote in person;
  • A voter is at least 60-year-old;
  • The voter suffers from any physical disability and cannot access the polling site;
  • When a voter is a caretaker of someone who is disabled, ill or hospitalized;
  • If a voter function as an official on the election day or is an employee or a member of the election commission;
  • A voter is also one of the candidates fighting the election;
  • When the voter observes a religious holiday, which prevents them from going to the polling place and votes on Election Day;
  • If the spouse of the voter or the voter holds a valid CDL or commercial driver’s license or has a valid TWIC or Transportation Worker Identification Credential card, as well as, certifies that they will have to work outside their county of registration or the state on the Election Day; or
  • The voter is an overseas citizen or military personnel.


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