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Full Therapist Salary Scale

by Billy T. K.

Therapist Salary, Therapist Salaries

Therapist Salaries: Salaries Broken Down by Therapist Types

Choosing a career in psychology is a great option if you like counseling people and learning about the various kinds of cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems that can exist among them. There are various kinds of therapists and depending on what type of field you are interested in; you can choose to study and practice that particular field of therapy.

Therapists make a good amount of money but what kind of a salary can you hope to expect if you decide to choose a psychology career?

There are many factors/variables that will determine your salary amount, including whether you decide to become a counselor or a psychologist. Other factors will include your field of specialty (some fields are higher paying than others depending upon the severity of the patient that you are counseling/treating), the no. of years or amount of experience that you have, your place of education/where you have earned your degree from and the area in which you live and work.

Therapist Salary

The average salary of a psychologist/therapist annually depends on many factors. Some of these factors include –

  • The area of practice - Therapists practicing in areas of the country where the cost of living is high will tend to make more money than those practicing in other areas of the country.
  • No. of years of experience you carry
  • Level of education and school/college from where you earn your degree in psychology; and
  • Field of specialty - the average salary can vary drastically depending on the specialty you choose.


Psychologist – 68,473

Clinical psychologist – 71,064

School psychologist – 56,016

Counseling Psychologist – 60,165

Industrial/organizational psychologist – 73, 529

Forensic psychologist – 60,631

Child psychologist – 69,706

Behavioral psychologist – 49,966


Just as there are so many types of psychologists in practice, similarly there are also many types of counselors in practice. The information below shows the average earnings earned on an annual basis nationwide for several different counseling specialties. The top earners under this category are school counselors and guidance counselors.

Therapist Salaries


Mental health counselor – 38,752

Mental health therapist – 40,622

Substance abuse counselor – 34,341

Marriage and family therapist – 43,485

School counselor – 45,738

Guidance counselor – 47, 808

Career counselor – 40,983 

Rehabilitation counselor – 40, 565


Psychologists, counselors, and therapists fall under the same gambit more or less, however here is the list of certified therapist types that you can practice as in the United States and the approximate annual salaries for the same –

Addiction Therapist
An addiction therapist is a counselor who is specially trained with the required skills, knowledge, and clinical experience to help patients overcome substance abuse problems. Annual salary is approx — $ 43,300 per year.

Behavioral Therapist
Behavioral therapists work typically with people who are experiencing difficulties in life as a result of suffering from some type of mental disorder. Annual salary approx. Varies between $55,839 per year to over $90,000 a year.

Child Therapist
Child therapists are highly-trained therapists or counselors who possess the specific knowledge and skills required to provide therapy to children who are 17 years of age and younger. The average hourly rate for a child psychologist in the United States is approx. $49. The average annual income is $69,706.

Clinical Therapist
Clinical therapists are quite similar to behavioral therapists because they too use their training and skills to counsel those using therapeutic interventions and techniques to help them overcome life’s difficulties related to mental health problems that they are suffering from or may have previously suffered from. Therapists holding a Masters degree in counseling earn an average salary of approx. $51,730 per year. Therapists who have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology can earn an average salary of about $74,030 per year. 


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