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Get to Know Things That All Kids Love!

by Alvin V.

Things That All Kids Love, Things All Kids Love

Random Things Kids Love

Kids are great, in the way they bring a fresh wave of innocence into our lives and help us regain our lost childhood once again. If you pay proper attention, you can see that your kid will show you so much more about the world- so many things that you missed, or never realized. Through their eyes, you can view the world as a child once again.

There are a few things that all kids love to receive from the elders in their life, and it is much more than toys and gifts. Things kids love include your time, patience, and most of all, a patient and listening ear. Here is a list of random things kids love, which will make you an important and integral part of their lives.

Things That All Kids Love
Being a Part of Their Make-Believe World

On top of the list of things that kids love the most is a make-believe world. We all do it as kids- some of us continue on even after becoming adults. As a parent, maybe you are supposed to be the logical, level- headed one. However, it does not hurt for you to sometimes drop the ‘disciplined adult’ routine, and just break lose with your kid. And who knows? Maybe you will rediscover a lost, favorite story you too, once had.

Compliment Them

Things all kids love include compliments. But you do not need to shower them with undue praise for everything they do. This may just cause them to become haughty. Instead, acknowledge that you see and appreciate their talents. If you see that your kid has a talent in drawing, encourage them. You will not only help them further their talents, but you will also help them gain a lot of confidence.

Do Not Restrict Them

The main mistake many parents make is to raise their kid with a blatant ignorance of the fact that the kid is their own person. Things kids love is not the same as things parents love. Random things kids love include following an ant trail, chasing a butterfly, and talking. Do not restrict them or pull them away. Be there and supervise them. The best way to make a kid learn about the world around them is by letting them explore it themselves.

Things All Kids Love
Let Them Make Their Choices

Funnily enough, things that all kids love include acting like the adult around them. They tend to get frustrated when they are treated like a kid, no matter if they are 2 years of age, or 10. If you are taking them shopping, let them choose their own clothes. Maybe you do not approve of their choices, but that is it- they are their own person. Your kids will eventually become independent and will learn how to make their own choices. But obviously, being independent does not mean being completely cut off from you, which is something all parents fear.


This one is a no-brainer. The list of things that all kids love obviously includes birthdays. However, you do not have to have a grand celebration or invite everyone from their class for a grand celebration. Just ensure that your kid feels special this date. Stay within your means, get them a cake and a few small gifts, and watch as their excitement soars.

You do not have to spend hours wondering about things that kids love. Do what feels right to you as a parent. But still, do not forget that your kid will grow up to be their own person, and you have to let them grow on their own.


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