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Happy Times: Try The 30-Day Sex Challenge!

by Felix J.

30 Day Sex Challenge, 30 Day Sex Challenge Schedule
30-Day Sex Challenge - Here is What It's All About!

Do you have sex on the brain? There is a way around this problem. The 30-day sex challenge is your answer. The formula is simple; you must have sex every day for 30 days, without any excuses. Here are the 30-day sex challenge rules that must be followed to the tee. Read on.

1. At the beginning of the challenge, each partner can modify or replace an activity. If one partner would like to concentrate only on sex for the day, s/he should reduce an activity, like laundry on that particular day. If both want to try something kinky - S&M, a threesome or anything, both must be on the same page at the get, no changes are permitted later.

2. Excessive work at the office, travel, menstrual cycle, is treated as pausing during the challenge. Alternatively, if either falls sick during the time, they can stop but resume when one’s health is better. The pause period may be a breather of sorts, but you will get back to intercourse after pausing.

3. The point of this entire exercise is to add some spice and rekindle the flames. If for a reason either of the partners is not comfortable with a particular rhythm during the challenge, s/he can use the other partner’s veto. This gives the other partner the right to choose the next activity!

30 Day Sex Challenge
4. If you miss any day, during the 30-day challenge, you have to make the day up, but you cannot exceed 40 days of the game. Also, couples are neither encouraged nor discouraged to use contraception that is their prerogative.

5. The reason why the 30-day sex challenge has become a hit - married couples are reconnecting again. Sex spices up a staid lifestyle. Modifying the activity from the same old routine is as exciting, as having sex for the first time. The thrill is when you try different positions. Go with the flow and reach the best orgasm possible.

6. The challenge also includes finding places that make you want to do it – on the sofa, the floor, in the shower, outdoors, in the garden, use your imagination. Better still getting it on in the back seat of the car like when you were kids is exhilarating. Don’t flout the rules or get frisky in zones where you are likely to get hauled up by the cops!

7. Vigorous sex, as we all know it, is the best stress-buster of all time. It boosts adrenaline and the workout you get, way better than the treadmill! The flip side – sex can wear you out leaving you sore. Limit it once a day. You cannot and should not feign an illness, this is not a part of the 30-day sex challenge schedule.

30 Day Sex Challenge Schedule

8. During the 30 day marathon, citing reasons just to get out of having fun, should tell you something. Maybe it is getting repetitive and seems like doing the laundry! Try changing positions. Forget the missionary position, do it standing, gear you to deep penetrative sex!

9. A thirty-day sex challenge is not only about being naughty with your spouse. It is about being intimate and getting back in touch with the person you once were, and the man or woman who set your heart beating.

10. The basic of the sex challenge is to up the chemistry between two consenting adults. The more orgasms the merrier - it definitely keeps the relationship going. Given that this is workable, your skin feels great, the challenge is super cool.

Watching a naughty movie together will get you in the mood. And boy, once you start, there will be no turning back. That is the advantage - happy times are here. You get your groove on, and you may want to extend it to another thirty more!


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