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TinEye: Get to Know the Best Image Search Engine!

by Roni G.

Best Image Search Engine, Best Reverse Image Search Engine

The Best Image Search Engine on the Web: TinEye Review 

Images and pictures can immensely help the human brains process and understand the information they come across faster. If you observe how humans understand the texts they read, you will find that they have to be very much attentive and should be mentally alert while reading and trying to understand them.

Otherwise, they may just be reading the texts, but they may not be comprehending what they are reading. But in the case of images, the images themselves will make humans understand what is being conveyed through them. This is perhaps the reason the number of pictures and images that are being uploaded along with texts has been increasing by leaps and bounds. 

What are the best benefits bestowed by such images?

This means that you have to find a perfect picture or image to add to your web page, to your blog, or to the marketing emails you are sending to your customers. Appropriately chosen images can grab the attention of the viewers, they can liven up the pages, and can help in illustrating or emphasizing a point.

Best Image Search Engine

Appropriately chosen images can help in SEO as well

Another benefit of adding images to your website, blog, or your marketing emails is that they can be optimized. This means that adding optimized images is a great strategy for strengthening your SEO efforts. 

TinEye stands out

For choosing such appropriate images, you may have to make use of an excellent search engine. Though there are some options available to you, Tineye, a product from the stables of Idee Inc, a Canada-based company, and that was launched in 2008, stands out because of the benefits this search engine bestows.

TinEye is the most widely used image search engine, and that is the main reason for its popularity. According to an estimate, this search engine has indexed 13.9 billion images till date. Not only that, Tineye has the distinction of being the first website to make use of a technology that is known as the "image identification technology."


How to use the image identification technology? Features of Tineye:

1. For using this image identification technological service offered by Tineye, you must either upload the image you desire to have or provide the relevant link and give a command to the tool for hunting for pictures similar to it. This strategy of searching is known as reverse searching. Once the image is uploaded, or the URL is provided, the search engine will start acting swiftly and find out the relevant images from its repository that consists of nearly 24 billion images. The images supported by TinEye are PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Of course, as far as the aspect of uploading size is concerned, there is a limit and the limit is 20 MB. 


2. Remember that TinEye cannot recognize objects or people in the pictures, but it can recognize only the whole image.

3. Another great benefit of the search engine is that it will help in tracking down and finding out if stolen images or copyrighted ones are being illegally used. Simply put, TinEye can be of immense use to those who desire to find appropriate images for uploading on their websites, blogs, or marketing emails. 

4. Further, the search engine comes with browser extensions that are suitable for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

5. TinEye comes both as a free version and a paid version. If you choose a free version, you are allowed to do 150 free searches per week. On the other hand, if you want to use the advanced features of the search engine, you have to pay for them.

6. Also, TinEye Lab also features a Multicolor Engine. This helps in extracting color from over 20 million royalty-free common creative images offered by Flickr. This means that you can search for images by color also.

7. Those who have used this search engine are unanimous in asserting that TinEye is very quick and that it has a simple interface. Therefore, users will find it easy to sort out the results depending upon their options such as the biggest image, the most changed, the best match, and so on. That is the reason why this search engine is considered the most appropriate for creatives as well as professional photographers. 

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