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Top 20 Types of Crimes in the United States

by Rhon A.

Types of Crimes, Top Types of Crimes
Top 20 Crime in the United States

1) Burglary, Theft or Larceny

The most common type of crime that includes cases like:

  • Stealing of any type of vehicle (bicycle, motorbike, etc.)
  • Retail theft or Shoplifting
  • Stealing from personal items or backpacks and other such items.

2) Vandalism

Includes cases like:

  • Graffiti and Tagging
  • Drawing on the walls of public restrooms, and other such places
  • Cutting tires of vehicles, and damaging a car by keying

3) Alcohol-Related Crime

Includes cases like:

  • Procurement and possession of alcohol by the underage.
  • Alcohol consumption by underage
  • Enabling and/ or providing alcohol to persons who are underage.
Types of Crimes

4) Disorderly Activities

Includes cases like:

  • Engaging in brawls at public places.
  • Using profanity at a person
  • Indecent behavior and exposure such as mooning etc., especially at public places

5) Battery and assault

Includes cases like:

  • Severe bullying that sums up to assault
  • Disagreements between parents and/ or children that lead to physical fights
  • Pushing, shoving or jostling a person

6) Possessing Marijuana or other such drugs

Includes cases like:

  • Possessing marijuana, even in small amounts
  • Publicly smoking marijuana
Types of Crimes in the United States

7) Tobacco-related Crimes

Includes cases like:

  • Illegal purchase of tobacco
  • Smoking and/ or chewing of tobacco at any public place
  • Supply or make arrangements for providing underage youth with tobacco

8) Violation of imposed curfew

Includes cases like:

  • Going out of home secretly after curfew is imposed
  • Coming back home after the imposed curfew
  • Violating the curfew imposed on any public area/ place

9) Crimes/ Offences related to Discipline at School

Includes cases like:

  • Causing disorder and chaos in class
  • Cheating, and engaging in food fights
  • Violation of the school dress code

10) Violating traffic rules

Includes cases like:

  • Exceeding the speed limit or failing to comply to the speed limit
  • Not putting on the seat-belt
  • Traveling at the backside of a pickup truck

11) Criminal or illegal trespassing

Includes cases like:

  • Entering an unoccupied Building
  • Getting into any real estate property without proper permission
  • Entering a store from which one has been banned

12) Misconduct/ Public Nuisance

Includes cases like:

  • Picking or damaging flowers and plants in a private or public area.
  • Disturbing people by covering their house with toilet-paper
  • Damaging mailboxes of people
Top Types of Crimes

13) Possessing drug-related equipment

Includes cases like:

  • Possessing tin foil, roach clips, rolling papers, etc.
  • Making use of drug-related equipment for controlled substances
  • Using such equipment to farm marijuana

14) Physical or Mental Harassment

Includes cases like:

  • Intimidating, oppressing and/ or bullying
  • Disturbing people by making calls without any requirement
  • Abusing someone in order to provoke an unruly response

15) Fraud

Includes cases like:

  • Writing checks that bounce back
  • Pretending to be another person to deceive someone
  • Deceiving someone via e-mails and phone calls

16) Reporting false cases

Includes cases like:

  • Causing a false fire alarm
  • Making hoax calls to 911
  • Making hoax bomb threats

17) Loitering

Includes cases like:

  • Gathering in a group for a long time in front of a public or private building
  • Indulging in smoking in a group on the roads
  • Dawdling in a public place after closing hours
Top Types of Crime

18) Knowingly owning stolen property

Includes cases like:

  • Knowingly owning any type of stolen vehicle
  • Receiving any stolen item from an acquaintance
  • Being an accomplice to stealing and theft

19) Possessing any type of weapon

Includes cases like:

  • Owning and carrying pepper spray without a proper permit
  • Possession of pellet gun by an underage
  • Carrying harmful weapons such as nun-chucks or metal knuckles, etc

23) Resisting any Police Officer

Includes cases like:

  • Giving false statements to an Officer
  • Attempting to flee and escape any police officer
  • Refusing to comply with any order given by a police officer
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