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What Will Insurance Pay for a Totaled Car?

by Alvin V.

What Will Insurance Pay for a Totaled Car, Totaled Car Insurance

Totaled Car Insurance Payment

Usually, insurers use a specific proprietary formula to calculate the worth of your totaled car. In case your car met an accident, your car’s value comes into the picture while determining whether your car is totaled or not. Knowing the cash value of your car vis-à-vis the cost of replacement is also crucial while opting for the kind of insurance policy desired by you.

How Much Does an Insurer Pay for a Totaled Car?

If you are in the dark about any topic, there is a sense of helplessness about it. You start fretting about the uncontrollable things, suffer from insomnia and develop gray hair. It is exactly what takes place where there is an involvement of an insurer and a totaled car. Instead of worrying about how much an insurer is going to pay for the totaled car, you can also figure out the value of your wrecked car as an alternative. If you have a totaled car, it is possible to maximize the sum of money you can receive by first getting the insurance payout. Thereafter, you can simply sell off your wrecked car.

What Will Insurance Pay for a Totaled Car

An insurance company considers many factors for ascertaining the value of your car before ascertaining whether the car is totaled or not. However, these factors may vary from one insurer to another and can also differ from state to state. The insurer computes the damage ratio or total loss ratio of the car that is whether the repair costs surpassed the car’s actual cash value.

A car is typically totaled if there are more repair costs and yet this may not be the case always. There are times when the value of the car is more than the repair cost. Yet, an insurer might still regard it totaled. It signifies the car surpassed the Total Loss Threshold.

In case you are uncertain about whether to opt for a car’s actual cash value coverage or its replacement cost, the following section of the article will be useful for you.

According to one of the major insurers of the United States of America, Geico, a total loss car is determined by 3 different factors;

  • When the car damage is so serious that the state laws specify that the vehicle should be regarded as a total loss car.
  • When the repair cost exceeds the worth of the vehicle.
  • If the damage is so serious that is cannot be repaired safely.
Totaled Car Insurance

Every insurance provider comes up with certain formulas and criteria to ascertain when to contemplate a car totaled. While there may be variations from insurance company to company, they are usually minimal.

Did your car’s airbag function? Are you unable to drive your car after the accident? Are there multiple damages in your car after the accident? In case, at least one of the answers is affirmative, it is perhaps safe to mention that the car is totaled.

Selling a Totaled Car

It is quite likely that your car has met its demise as a result of the accident. When you have a first glance at your damaged car, you are sure that the cost of the repair works is going to be high. Perhaps, it is time for you to decide what you are going to do with the totaled car.

While your adjuster can help you to a certain extent, you may not get satisfactory responses until they make up their minds on what should be done with your damaged car. You must purchase insurance coverage for a total loss. In case your insurance policy has lapsed or you have opted for coverage, which restricts your claim amount, you are likely end up having a car that has been declared a complete loss or is beyond repair.


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