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Truth Finder App Review: How to Download and Use Truth Finder App

by Goni S.

Truth Finder App, Truth Finder App Download

Truth Finder App Review: Get to Know the TruthFinder App!

Based in San-Diego, TruthFounder now has millions of active members who use it daily. The online public records search service operates several directories that provide users with accurate and reliable data about people from all over the country. Up until several years ago, Truth Finder was only available online, and there was no app the users can enjoy on the go. Nowadays, there is a TruthFinder app for Android and iOS devices that members can use on mobile devices. If you need people search and public records search services, read this TruthFinder app review and find out if it is the right app for you.

Truth Finder App

Truth Finder App Price and How to Download

Downloading the TruthFinder is free of charge, so you will not need to pay to get the app. However, the services provided by the TruthFinder app are not free. To use the app, you will need to purchase a membership or pay for each report that you want when you don't purchase a membership plan:

  • 1 Month Membership - $30 per month (price varies with Truth Finder special offers)
  • 3 Month Membership - $26 per month
  • Phone Number Lookup Plan - $2 per each reverse phone number search

The TruthFinder app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, so you can download it to your phone, tablet, and other devices. The app is compatible with screen size, meaning it fits the size of the screen you are using it on. So, you can use the Truth Finder app on the go with your mobile devices.

  • To download the Truth Finder app for Android devices (Google store) click HERE
  • To download the Truth Finder app for iOS devices (Apple app store) click HERE
Truth Finder App Download

Truth Finder App Features

The TruthFinder app provides several public records search directories that members can use whenever and wherever they want:

Name-based search – a search engine that provides data about people based on the first name and last name. After entering the full name of a certain person into this TruthFinder app feature, you will receive a full public records search report on the person that you searched for. Among other details, the report will include the said person's phone numbers, address, criminal records, age, and more.

Phone number search – a search engine that provides data based on phone numbers; this is one of the most popular directories because nearly every person has a mobile or home phone number that is connected to their personal data. After the phone number-based search is complete, you will receive a report that includes the person's real name, their address, phone service provides, and more. This feature is popular for searching for information about people in dating apps, neighbors, and also to discover is certain phone calls are fraudulent.

Address search - a feature that provides information based on addresses; those who wish to find public records information based on addresses can do so with the address search. The directory provides data about properties' registered owners, sex offenders who live in the neighborhood, properties values, and more.

Additional information that you can find on the Truth Finder app includes arrest records, driving records, date of birth, education information, and more.

Truth Finder App Review

Truth Finder App Review

Users of the mobile app had these things to say as part of the Truth Finder App Reviews:

- "I'm going to be honest I was HIGHLY skeptical about this app....I have looked at MULTIPLE different apps saying they do "free background checks" but you only get to use it once before they make you buy the premium version, but this app allows you to search up a person as many times as you want, the only thing you gotta pay extra for is to search emails or phone numbers. Which in my book is a win, either way, 5 stars from me. Great Work Developers!!"

- "Excellent!! Gives you enough information (when available which would be most times - at least for my searches) for the free version. Thank you to the developers and all team members who keep up with the app and the data. Just keeps getting better with each update!! I would've given this app 10 stars if the option. was available!"

- "I've only had this app for a few days but so far I really it and it's been pretty accurate so far. There have been a couple of phone numbers that I don't recognize and think they're spam calls and I tried to check to see what would come up as far as who the owner it is but it came back with no information whatsoever but I guess that's just the way it goes. I do absolutely LOVE LOVE the new interactive map on this app because it shows your location and also shows what sex offenders are around."

"One complaint the users had about Truth Finder are the high membership fees; however, the prices are the same as in similar apps, so the costs are nothing out of the ordinary. The TruthFinder app is accurate and quick, so you can rely on the results and reports you get. The app is compatible to mobile devices, so it is convenient to watch the reports even on small devices, like phones."

Overall, the Truth Finder app is reliable and quick, so if you need to find accurate information about people you know or unknown phone numbers/people, it is definitely recommended.


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