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Complicated Relationship Types You Should Avoid

by Charry A.

Complicated Relationship, Complicated Relationship Types

Complicated Relationship Meaning and Types

If you are an active participant in the field of dating, chances are you must have experienced many kinds of partners, mainly falling into two categories- those you loved and still remember, and those you could not get away fast enough from. The latter serve for nothing more than to complicate your life and frustrate you further. Here are a few complicated relationships that you should stay away from, mainly for your own peace of mind.

Friends with Benefits

The first kind of complicated relationship is a friend with benefits kind of situation. Almost everyone has done something similar to this, at least once in their dating life. These relationships tend to get complicated because inevitably, someone or the other catches feelings. And no matter what, you cannot break the rule of being ‘good friends’ with the person you are going to bed with. However, even if you do maintain a sort of semblance of friendship, that relationship too will eventually die out when any person gets into a relationship with a third person.

The Secret Relationship

Stay away from the secret relationship as much as you can. These complicated relationship types only spell doom for you from the get-go. If your partner is not being able to be open about the relationship despite your insistence, it may be time to do some digging and find out why that is the case. Or in a single word- run. You do not need to stay in a relationship where you cannot even talk to anyone about it. This situation is always unpleasant and never ends well.

Complicated Relationship

The Toxic Relationship

A toxic relation is always the epitome of a complicated relationship, meaning that this kind of relationship has the ability to destroy you mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Unfortunately, you cannot even understand how bad the relationship is for you until quite a number of years pass. The only positive that comes out from such toxic relationships is that you start understanding yourself better as a person, and you become much stronger than who you once were.

Pretending To Be Someone Else

One of the biggest mistakes that almost everyone makes is pretending to be someone they are not when a new relationship begins. However, everyone does this on some level, showing off a more refined version of yourself until you get comfortable with the person. However, this crosses into the territory of complicated relationships when you continue to carry on this facade for months, maybe years. This complicated relationship mainly arises from the fear that they will not like you when they find out how ‘quirky’ you really are. In addition, this is a trick to make your partner feel like the two of you have more in common than is actually the case. However, once the truth comes out, and it inevitably will, it will hurt you the most.

Complicated Relationship Types
The Crush on Your Best Friend

Having a crush on your best friend is probably the most complicated relationship, meaning that your friendship is doomed no matter what approach you take. You only have the option of letting your feelings lay idle, ultimately making you resent your friend, or confessing to them, essentially ending your friendship if things do not go well. No matter what you choose, your friendship is fated.

There are many complicated relationship types, but some tend to cause more harm to us than others. Ultimately, it falls on us to realize what path we should take, whether it will be one of maturity or losing ourselves to a pint where we do not even realize who we are.


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