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How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Alaska?

Alaska, the last frontier, is home to the smallest population in the United States. Yet, this city of Northern Lights also houses a whopping $77 million in unclaimed money. While Alaska is truly the most beautiful place on earth, there’s nothing lovely about people not knowing how to claim their unclaimed cash.

How to Claim Unclaimed Money in the State of Alaska?

There are millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed assets in Alaska. These include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, uncased payroll checks, bank accounts, utility deposits, contents seized from safe deposit boxes, and travelers’ checks.

The Alaskan government has made it very simple to find your lost money. Through a simple unclaimed money search, you can now claim what’s owed to you. You may conduct your own Alaska unclaimed money search on Alaska’s Treasure Department website.

Follow These Steps

Step 1

Visit the Alaska Treasure website at You may also contact the Treasure Department at (907) 465-3726.

Step 2

Click ‘Search AK Missing Money’. This will take you to an unclaimed property search page. In Alaska, money is considered property.

Step 3

Enter the first, last and middle name if applicable and then click ‘Search’. This performs an unclaimed money search.

Alaska Unclaimed Money

Step 4

A claim form will be sent to you to obtain for notarization and your signature. If this is a claim for a deceased owner account, you will need to provide additional documentation.

Step 5

Complete, print and mail this completed claim form with a copy of your photo ID to the following address.

Alaska Department of Revenue, Treasury Division, Unclaimed Property Program

PO Box 110405

Juneau, AK


Step 6

You can expect a waiting period of up to six months. Your claim may be denied or approved. You need to stay on top of this process because nearly half of the claims are not approved.

Step 7

You will receive either an acceptance or rejection letter. If it’s approved, further instruction will be provided about how to get unclaimed money. If it is rejected, you retain the right to file an appeal. In some cases, they may ask for additional documentation.

Alaska Unclaimed Money

Alaska Unclaimed Money

Only the heir, owner, or a court-appointed representative may file the claim for lost and unclaimed money. If you are unsure about whether the unclaimed property is yours, you may jot down the property sequence number or pin and email it to


Any entity who possesses unclaimed property is a holder. Examples include insurance companies, utilities, partnerships, sole-proprietorships, LLCs, banks, non-profit organizations, trusts, etc.

Holders must report and send unclaimed cash by November 1 of each year. The report must contain items left unclaimed by June 30 each year.

Dormancy Period

According to the law, any property is considered unclaimed or abandoned if no documented transaction occurs between the holder and owner for a set period. This dormancy period may last from 1 to 15 years. This depends solely on the type of unclaimed property. If the holder possesses a property that valued at more than $100,000, then they must perform ‘due diligence’. This is the last effort to locate the unclaimed money’s rightful owners.

If the holder’s attempts are unsuccessful, the holder must send the property and the report to the Alaska Department of Revenue.

Listed below are the abandonment periods for property such as money owed to me:

- Utility deposits: 1 year

- Life insurance proceeds: 1 Year

- Safe-deposit box contents: 1 year

- Wages: 1 year

- Stocks and bonds: 5 years

- Savings or checking accounts: 5 years

- Customer overpayments: 3 years

- Traveler’s Checks: 15 years

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Enter your name to start searching! 100% confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
100 Million Records Available!